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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Very beautiful video of the greenhouses of the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Palm House, the Arid Plant House and the Victoria amazonica. Gardens Near and Far, episode 28 Video Rating: / 5


  • SHRESTHA GHOSH 9 months ago

    Is this video in French?

  • Zoolnaa Zoolnaa 9 months ago

  • Philippe Hoyez 9 months ago

    En Belgique nous avons mieux ! :

  • Little Sailor 9 months ago

    looks amazing

  • Deborah Minter 9 months ago


  • Leslie Kendall 9 months ago

    Could someone PLEASE tell me a product that will keep my pond algae free. I'm SO SICK of spending money and cleaning. A thing that was supposed to be so peaceful is a COMPLETE HEADACHE AND FRUSTRATION. And all the money I spent on plants!….brought them in for the winter and EVERY ONE of them didn't make it till Spring. Digging that hole is a huge regret.

  • my fairy terrace garden 9 months ago

    Nice video

  • Nor Cal Sisters 9 months ago

    Lovely, lovely lovely!! Thank you for sharing…love those gigantic Lily pads…Im amazed!

  • Julia Feliciano 9 months ago


  • Khadr Trudeau 9 months ago

    Enter that on a cold winter day.

  • Julie Jay 9 months ago

    So beautiful.

  • nyirahabimana delphine 9 months ago

    Ça me fais du bien de suivre en français, merci! Ils sont interessant, les Victoria Amazonicas!

  • carlos lucio custodio 9 months ago

    Luxurious green house! Lovely!

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