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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote When we went to Tucson to deliver a Peruvian apple cactus cutting to one of our subscribers, we just HAD to make a stop at the botanical garden! We are so glad we did! They have an incredible greenhouse with all kinds of orchids, epiphytes (or “air plants”), and other exotic flora, and some incredible specimens growing outdoors like a giant loquat and huge pineapple guava! If you ever get the opportunity to visit the Tucson Botanical Garden, we highly recommend you take that oppotunity and visit them! We can’t wait to go back! To check out even more plants that we saw there, including a ton of beautiful cacti, make sure you follow us on Instagram @greeniesgarden to see more!! We hope everyone has an AWESOME day!!! 😀 Video Rating: / 5


  • Austin WAGNER CANNON 7 months ago

    my dad works at the desert botanical Garden

  • Brian Baumgardner 7 months ago

    Great to see your love of plants. If you ever get a chance to travel to the east. Go to Longwood gardens in spring and summer. in Longwood PA. It my favorite garden!

  • Joseph Lynn 7 months ago

    That prickly pear cactus was insane!

  • AspiringVegan 7 months ago

    wow that was cool

  • Artful Watcher3 7 months ago

    That loquat is a beast. Wow. If you guys ever make a trip to south Florida the fruit and spice park in homestead is as incredible as advertised. Huge full grown varieties of what you all are growing. Also Echo in fort Myers Florida and the Naples botanical gardens have a high amount of tropical and subtropicals. Finally the only university in the nation with a permaculture food forest run and maintained by students resides in fort Myers at Florida gulf coast university. All worth a look even if just online/through YouTube.

  • Susan Pfeiffer 7 months ago

    So they let you in to an AZ treasure wearing a CA shirt? Lol. Man, that cactus trunk was amazing…never knew they could look like trees!

  • Bryce Machleit 7 months ago

    I would love to ho there

  • Garden of The Geeks 7 months ago

    That would be my dream sun room off the house

  • BobMels Gardens 7 months ago

    Great place to visit. Best wishes Bob.

  • dust man 7 months ago

    Awesome! Love that place. Makes me want a huge greenhouse so bad! I'm a big fan of the huge bamboo they have there too.

  • Timothy Durkin 7 months ago

    Feijoa's are pronounced like Fei-ho-a.

  • Desert Plants of Avalon 7 months ago

    WOW! Such an INCREDIBLE Botanic Garden, there are so many BEAUTIFUL plants there 🙂 I LOVE to visit Botanic gardens when I am out and about I could spend all day there, thanks a million for sharing your fantastic visit to Tucson Botanic gardens with us and sending you guys heaps of love and Plant Power from Ireland to Arizona for a FANTASTIC day today XXXXX <3

  • Etta J 7 months ago

    great video!! thanks so much for sharing….happy gardening!!

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