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  • Dipankar chattopadhyay 1 year ago

    Ki bolbo…sab smriti te lekhaa…
    back to the down memory lane…kanna ese gelo hatath…

  • Jyoti Sing 1 year ago

    তুই আমায় পাগল করলি রে….

  • Avirup Aru 1 year ago

    It's my favorite song….and listening in 2018…..

  • Sudipta Das 1 year ago

    I love u…this song.

  • Tanumoy Das 1 year ago

    Raise hands , who are still listening in 2018……………..//\

  • Sudipta Das 1 year ago

    Kothae peli sonar kathi amar poran bodhu……..

  • Sudipta Das 1 year ago

    Kothae peli sonar kathi amar poRAN bodhu.

  • Sourabh Das 1 year ago

    evergreen song…we are always mad for this song !!!

  • sandipan biswas 1 year ago

    2018 er dingulo abar mone korie dilo

  • arpan chakraborty 1 year ago

    Pota. Tumi Gurudev.. 2018.. 🙂

  • arindam raj 1 year ago

    my febourite.

  • arindam raj 1 year ago

    my febourite.

  • Anonymous Another 1 year ago

    Abhijit Burman (Pota Da) tomake pronam janalam.
    Legendary Singer.

  • subhrajit biswas 1 year ago

    sadly they are just lip synching…its a track being played.They r not singing it

  • Maloy Mandal 1 year ago

    I m still now

  • Tupai Das 1 year ago

    Kno kotha hbe na Boss…. Jio

  • mehedi hasan Sabbir 1 year ago

    supper song i love this song very much

  • Raihan Bin Rafique 1 year ago

    ২০১৭ ডিসেম্বর

  • Sambhu Dey 1 year ago

    This Osama song I love this song

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