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  • How To Make Everything 2 years ago
  • TARDO 2 years ago

    that woman is a werewolf!!

  • Vtron 2 years ago

    Sir you are a registered Alchemist

  • papa zliggi 2 years ago


  • Glitchy Glitch 2 years ago

    You've gotten funnier.

  • Diamond Unicorn 2 years ago

    how ironic I got a how to make so bad at the start of this video

  • John Berenskey 2 years ago

    That arm hair though 🙂

  • Kevin H 2 years ago

    The oil and soap molecules shown in the video are not the correct structures. Oil should have an ester, not an ether, functional group and soap should have a carboxylate, not an alkoxide, functional group.

  • Mighty Duck 2 years ago

    Ooooohhhh, dont breath that

  • Kaitlyn Ouellette 2 years ago

    Bill wurtz approved

  • Zulikas69 2 years ago

    I just boil Marla's mother.

  • שירי טרנסלייט 2 years ago

    Now make it from jews

  • Perennial Cookie 2 years ago

    OY VEY

  • Matheo Stravlas 2 years ago

    The dog 😀

  • Real samurais drink strawberry milk 2 years ago

    Tyler Durden is on youtube now? Jeez, everyone has a youtube channel these days.

  • Paul Teal 2 years ago

    I hope you ate that bacon

  • Reverend Jynxed 2 years ago

    I hear the fat from elites with beaks, makes for a rich lather.

  • kay ros 2 years ago


  • Emma Goudie 2 years ago

    As a home soap maker, I was cringing so hard at some parts of this video. Never use a freshly made soap without first testing it with litmus paper. A lye heavy soap doesn't just cause chemical burns, it actively eats into your flesh trying to saponify the oils/fats of your body into soap.

  • Futuristic GD 2 years ago

    Castor oil, ricin?

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