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  • Pablo Bidermann 2 months ago

    great song!!!!

  • Dirty Paws 2 months ago

    Fav <3

  • Jocko Jonson 2 months ago

    Wow. Found this from the Midnight mix. Awesome song writing.

  • Anwar Gundam 2 months ago

    Great song

  • SimenKE 2 months ago

    This is insanely good. i love this song, it's my new favourite.

  • C-Lee-O - 2 months ago

    Man…what's goin' on ? This song deserve much more recognition. this is a truly great song, great feel, great arrangements. Wish you all the best in the jungle out there, and may the songwriting drug be with you..

  • David Jiménez 2 months ago


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