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  • david h 9 months ago

    hello frequent flyer, little question, the battery was not provided with the drone ??

  • Steve Smith 9 months ago

    Bad A** look'n little beast!

  • Adam Benson 9 months ago

    Looks pretty sweet 🙂

  • Mark Westbrook 9 months ago

    If that thing fly's as good as it looks we will all want one lol 🙂

  • Glen Lovelace 9 months ago

    come on lets get flying that looks nice lol…

  • Budget Guy RC 9 months ago

    sweet looking quad my friend congrats have fun RCing

  • GAproductions 9 months ago

    what do you think are the best props to use on the hubsan h501s?

  • C0ckPitVuE 777 A.K.A The long ranger. 9 months ago

    That's a nice bird.

  • Kevys Rc & Music 9 months ago

    nice machine bro

  • Novice Quadcopters 9 months ago

    I keep saying the way he flys, how come you don't review racer drones.

  • Monty Love 9 months ago

    you allerady no

  • paulie lie_fpv 9 months ago

    Nice Frequent Flyer RC, looking forward to see you flying.

  • Junior V 9 months ago

    finally a unboxing. it's been a while. looking forward to the video off this one.

  • Michael Thompson 9 months ago

    Luckyluckylucky I saw Andy RC review this flyer -all I can say is WOW

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