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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote desertplantsofavalon #cactiandsucculents #succulents Hi Guys 😀 Hans and I are so happy to have received a wonderful plant goody box from our generous friend Shane Walsh 😀 ★ Check out my website ★ Instagram: ★ Facebook ★ Twitter Thank you for watching, please give me a Like and I would love you to SUBSCRIBE for regular updates and take a look at my other Cacti and Succulent and nature videos to see my weird and wacky cacti and other succulent plants up close and personal. HAPPY GROWING GUY’S 🙂 Royalty Free Music Music By Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Video Rating: / 5


  • Desert Plants of Avalon 2 months ago

    Hi Guys 😀 Hans and I are so happy to have received a wonderful plant goody box from our generous friend Shane Walsh 😀

  • Jeanne Cronce 2 months ago

    How exciting! Better than Christmas!

  • Olga's Greenland 2 months ago

    Yeah !!!!!!!! an unboxing video. What a beautiful babies!!!! Shane is so generous!!! Ilove your excitment.

  • Rosa Johnson 2 months ago

    Hi, I loved your unboxing from Shane,I liked them all some I've never seen before. Now I'm on the HUNT.Thanks for sharing.

  • redredwine1277 2 months ago

    I enjoyed watching, very entertaining, thanks for sharing❤️

  • John James 2 months ago

    I'm sure Shane is just as happy to gift you , as your are to have received some new additions, take care , from beautiful British Columbia

  • Patrick Meehan 2 months ago

    Hello Lynn, what a fantastic gift from Shame, He has so many unusual plants, KInd regards Patrick

  • Pat Jonker 2 months ago

    Your friends really love the two of u. But its love well spent. I enjoy yr happiness with plants. Happy planting!

  • theonlygalama 2 months ago

    Great video as always!

    I do have a question relating to some of my San Pedro's…

    At the moment i have 3 SP's at home sitting comfortable at the window (Inside in the Netherlands).

    However, one of them seems to have something like a "rash" or something and the top of the SP is very hard. That one also did not grow very big like his brothers who were exact the same height.

    I am afraid my SP is dieing but I am not sure ofcourse. Now however my other two SP's are als getting a similira rash atop the SP….

    I am not sure what to do with it so I made a photo and uploaded it to this site and I hope you might give me advice in what to do?

    Also I have some peyote caci which have been pretty sunburnt while I was away and forgot to place them somewhere else.. Will they survive?

    Sorry for these questions but i tried googling both issues and i am not sure what I need to assume.

  • Mango 2 months ago

    new babies

  • Todd's Tropicals 2 months ago

    Well he has some cool stuff. You guys do too.

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