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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote The temperatures are heating up here in Mesa Arizona and the real challenge is starting. Combating the dry heat,monsoon season, leaf miners(and I did pick up the leaves and toss them in the trash with the leaf miners on them), tomato horned worms and wild birds in the garden. With that being said the garden is doing quite well even after an 8 day vacation and no attention. Please enjoy, like, subscribe and share. Words and music from “East Mesa Urban Homestead “ Performed by Big Keg, go check out his channel Video Rating: / 5


  • Trisa Gentry 1 month ago

    Get a black light flashlight. You can get them on Amazon for pretty cheap, or some stores have them. Go out after dark and the tomato hornworm glows neon green in the black light. Can find them super easy and super small! Roots and Refuge Farm has a good video on it.

  • Daniel Sandoval 1 month ago

    Nice place! I’m curious if you’ve ever tried growing asparagus? I know it takes some time and I’m not sure they can make it through our summers.

  • Dorothys Hobby Farm 1 month ago

    Always have a great day, and thank you for that update. I hope we can share some rain here soon, stay safe.

  • Eccentric Nature 1 month ago

    Those birds must be desperate for water! Doing really well despite the heat. 🙂

  • Chicken Hues 1 month ago

    Did you do the song at the beginning – it's great! Chickens can destroy so many things involved with gardens. That's interesting how you have that problem with birds. It makes sense considering your weather and climate. It's all looking great even though it's so hot thanks to your hard work keeping up on it.

  • Big Keg 1 month ago

    Try hanging some mesh or something on the coop doorway.
    Not to the ground, enough room for the chooks to go under.
    Might fix that particular bird problem.
    Fake owls in the main garden ????

  • AcE Films Studio 755 1 month ago


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