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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote John from visits Phoenix, Arizona to share with you an urban homestead that grows 150 fruit trees on just 1/3 of an acre. You will also learn about other vegetables and animals on the property in the Sonoran Desert climate. In this episode, John visits Jake Mace, once of his viewers that is growing food successfully in Phoenix. You will get a tour of Jake’s place showing many of his edible fruit trees, also sharing his main method of fertilizing his trees, how he waters his trees, the vegetables that grows the best in the desert, and how Jake uses animals to his benefit without eating them. You will learn about a cold tolerant avocado, the best perennial onion to grow in a desert climate, you will also learn animal jake lets graze in his yard to eat all the weeds, and it is not goats. Finally, John will sit down with this urban homesteader and you will find out, why Jake decided to start growing his food, his opinions on animals on the homestead, how Jake lives on a plant based diet and can do more push ups than you, and much, much more. After watching this episode, you will have a better awareness of how you can successfully grow fruit trees in a desert climate, how to use animals to your benefit on an urban homestead without eating them, and how you can thrive on a plant based diet. Referenced Video: Echo in South Florida Check out Jake at his website: Learn more about Jake and Watch his videos on gardening at: Subscribe to GrowingYourGreens for more videos like this: Video Rating: / 5


  • Patricia Knight 4 years ago

    Hi John, I have been watching your videos and enjoy your mentorship. I am plant based for the last two years and have wood chips in my back garden where the grass used to be. Along with the stone mulch at the base of the trunk the apples are very sweet. Last year I top-dressed with straw and I am pleased with the look too. May I share my understanding, out of love, that I too am not afraid to die because I believe in the creator of the universe, the Saviour God, Jesus the Christ. The promises are written in the Holy Bible. With his spirit indwelling in me, I look not further, but sadly, I also recognize when people don't know Jesus. I would not want to walk into eternity without the faith I have. I see and taste and smell the beauty this God created for my pleasure and I am drawn to him, he has satisfied my person, and his truth satisfies my soul. If I could use the analogy, he is also the defender against the enemy of man and God, the fallen angel know as Lucifer. Jesus would not want to see you pushed off the cushion of the Kingdom of God because as Easter represents, he overcame Lucifer's death and rose to life. The first born among many, of whom I am one, and you dear friend have been invited, please believe by faith and hash out your concerns with him. The time here is short and goes by very quickly, but the preservation of quality life now will be lost in the land with the enemy, hell, as the torment is eternal, but Christ made a way to escape the judgment and dwell in his paradise. Hope of perfection awaits the believer promising no illness, death, tears, and the enemies will not be able to interfere. God is showing his justice even to the enemy that currently has moderately free reign to wage war against us in body and soul. :)

  • hope crews 4 years ago

    Wow, John, he placed you in the company of the legendary, Mr. Lalane. You sir must be awesome in person, God willing one day my health will improve enough to join you guys in that type of health, ty for another fabulous video! God continue to bless al of you and your gardens!

  • hope crews 4 years ago

    When I have too much, I share with my local food pantry, they always can use fresh produce.

  • Marcy RP 4 years ago

    A beautiful garden of Eden… In central Texas, we are drought ridden for most of the year, yet have a mosquito problem with ANY standing water. do y'all have that issue with your water feature/ fish pond? And, does having all the wood chips attract bugs and snakes? Both of you young guys are inspiration for this old lady to achieve a better "rest of my life" and I thank you both!

  • SpicyAl3000 4 years ago

    great vid, thanks!

  • matt hibbard 4 years ago

    Nice vid. Thank you.

  • Hamza Marrouni 4 years ago

    Nice video….really got some ideas from you….Jake living nice life, like the idea his got going on with the food and martial art. love martial art, been doing taikwando,muay thai,karate for 15 I can relate…but dont hate on us meateaters….I dont eat much meat, but I would say once or twice a week..mostly chicken… I belive that GOD made them for us to eat….with respect. I know that many dont treat the animals well……but the point is meat is and can be good for us, if not too much of I dont hate on vegetarians, or there beliefs even if i dont agree. everything from our creator is good if done right.. peace from Denmark

  • Antoinette Wood 4 years ago

    Love it. My two favorites. Growing your way in South Africa

  • Tyler Van Gieson 4 years ago

    Trees are cannibals. Got it.

  • ellis anderson 4 years ago

    cool ethos Jake, i'm from the UK so need a heated greenhouse for a lot of the tastier fruits and yeh… although not a vegan, now that i've owned animals i think twice about whether i really need to eat them and think they are of better value alive than dead. Thanks for the video!

  • Dr Melody 4 years ago

    THANK YOU for making such a beautiful impact through your love of life and earth. You both are truly "righteous" men in understanding, honoring and living in harmony with the laws governing us. This is (and has always been the 'answer') to our planet's issues. Sending you love and blessings. x x

  • Adidas Didas 4 years ago

    Yes i eat Urban homestead 150 fruit trees everytime :)

  • L schotbo 4 years ago

    Great video! Also, props to Jake for all the hard work and showing that no matter the climate, you can grow a sustainable garden. Well done.

  • Grandma Beverly 4 years ago

    except that different animals make different amino acids unlike us. We don't have the same system as gorillas so we have to eat differently.

  • grace pearl 4 years ago

    Very inspiring vedio.. thanks Mr John Kohler

  • John J. Bluvas 4 years ago

    Too much talk. Want more video.

  • Anne Shelley-Smith 4 years ago

    Thank you I really enjoyed the information you shared. I live in SE Queensland, Australia in a sub-tropical area and grow several morina trees and love the leaves in smoothies, and I also dry them for greater nutritional value. I've recently begun using wood chips and have notices how much better my trees are doing. Keep up the good work both of you.

  • pavle gorgievski 4 years ago

    My dad told me I had to visit Simply Love Gardening (search on Google). it had everthing that i needed in one place

  • Kelly Stewart 4 years ago

    Jake Mace!!! :-)

  • Mai Red 4 years ago

    hey guys, if you live in a dry climate like phoenix or San Diego where I am, a great irrigation system is sub-irrigation especially in raised beds. You can look up videos on wicking beds and ollas. those are some of the basic sub irrigation systems. Also for fruit trees and in ground gardens check out swales and basins. A good source for that is Brad Lancasters channel great job such an inspiration both of ya! :)

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