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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Mittry Lake. US Govt Swastikas in the Arizona Desert! The Swastika was a popular symbol of spirituality for 5000 years before HItler made it the hated mark of the Nazis. Stories of retired life in Ajijic, Mexico on the shores of Lake Chapala. Projects at home in the mountains of central Mexico, our USA travels in a 40′ Monaco motor home, or whatever else is on my mind today. Video Rating: / 5


  • Susan Eirthug 1 year ago

    I love that you take interest in people like this because this is so like me to do. Sometimes I get a little scared cuz I'm a female . I don't want to appear vulnerable or too interested :- I will talk to and find out what everyones "deal is". I have a huge curiosity and very small amount of fear. I went straight to the local staff in Dominican Republic and asked politely see where they lived. I, of course, by the end of the week got to know everybody. I'm probably seemed a bit out of place. . The Police Stopped my local and he explained that I was just curious and that I was nice and that I wasn't a drug addict looking for drugs. The policeman said to just make sure I got back before dark. So we took a huge walk.I learned a lot about the Dominican Republic. I love your videos. Thank you!

  • Susan Eirthug 1 year ago

    I love Arizona! Been to a few spots .Interesting canal. AMTRAK dude very resourceful!. Sounds like me living in Indianapolis without a car. We have a food desert situation where I live. Anyway ,I made do. I'm impressed with that fella. He freaks me out but I'm impressed. Sometimes you just got to get out and go camping by yourself for a year. Perhaps his arthritis was bothering him in Mississippi which I can completely sympathize with. Freaking swamp. LOL

  • Daena Smith 1 year ago

    I'm from Yuma and we lived out at what is called "Hidden Shores" now but it was Imperial Oasis back in the late 60's and early 70's when I was a kid. My stepfather was the boat mechanic out at the Oasis. Anyhow, there's also an underground war bunker type thing out there that we all used to play around as kids. It sort of looked like a castle to us. I'm not sure if it's still out there. Also, we went to the elementary school on the YPG Army base and the bus would pick us kids up, then go to Fisher's Landing and Martinez Lake and pick up those kids and take us to the base. We got to ride those hilly roads twice daily. It was so much fun and there were a number of times we all ended up air born because of them.

  • Jackie miles 1 year ago

    I would recommend you to research on this symbol. It is dated to more than a thousand years old. It is called Manji. The person who created that new symbol ruined it. And it is also you used in many natives

  • loera javier 1 year ago

    The dips reminded me of our trips to San Felipe Baja California where we all used to shout on everyone of them, it was so much fun. I miss that.

  • Vlogging With Heather 1 year ago

    Beautiful mountains. I want to get an RV and travel through summer. But I stumbled across your videos looking for dental tourism in Mexico:) glad I found your channel. Enjoying your videos and stories.

  • danny5004567 danny7568 1 year ago

    This is the America that I love to see…and no, not because of the stupid "swastikas" on the bridge!

  • Offgrid Jack 1 year ago

    CC looks hammered at the beginning at the cookout too!!

  • robertb2468 1 year ago

    Great interview of the Mississippi Ho Bo guy. Was that Caravan Carolyn in the Santa hat that was drunk out of her mind again walking her dog?

  • Lenard Kynde 1 year ago

    Most people assume that the word "Swastika" is German, but it's not. It's actually "Sanskrit" which is one of the oldest written languages on the planet. And contrary to what one of your commenters stated, you, Mr. JC Travel Stories, are correct. It definitely is an ancient symbol of spirituality, which is why it was considered a symbol of "good luck" and "good fortune" both here in the United States and in Europe until the Nazis adopted it for their own purposes. However, what most people cannot do is tell you why it was considered so. Up until the 1930s, the Swastika was the official insignia of the 45th Infantry Division of the United States Army. And the primary reason for that was because the Swastika is also an ancient Native American symbol as well as a symbol that can be found in many of the ancient structures of India. (Symbology has been one of my most serious of interests for many years.) ~ Happy New Year, Mr. JC Travel Stories.

  • Susan Stevens 1 year ago

    Just subbed! I’m enjoying watching your videos on Mexico. Happy Holidays!

  • Tracey Cook 1 year ago

    Oh gosh I talk like him I’m from north Mississippi

  • Juan Lopez 1 year ago

    Merry Christmas for you and yours my Friend. !!

  • Altar To Altar Ministries 1 year ago

    It's always a pleasure to meet up with you and Lynn …

  • Miguel Contreras 1 year ago

    FELIZ NAVIDAD Mr. JC!!!!! greetings from Idaho USA

  • Jeff Lux 1 year ago

    Stumbled on your channel, JC… good job, certainly entertaining and informative. Love to have a pint with you someday. Keep ‘em coming!

  • Mike McFarlin 1 year ago

    Geez, the guy living alone out in the middle of nowhere? A lil' spooky if you ask me, but then again there's all kinds of weirdos in the desert, right? 😉 Several of them following each other around with cameras trying to make a buck on Youtube LOL. Notice the large bottle of booze behind him? Hi Lynn!

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