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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote This episode has two parts. Time stamps: 00:18 Part one 02:24 Part two 05:17 Watch me work Part one is about landscaping with reclaimed grass and part two is about building a new garden bed on top of you lawn. New episodes weekly! Join me on Instagram: ABOUT HOW TO GROW A GARDEN: Follow my journey to sustainable organic living as I attempts to grow most of my food all year long. SUBSCRIBE: subscribe for free by clicking this link: WANT MORE: How to Grow A Garden has over 100 episodes on growing a sustainable garden. Visit or many play list for more specific garden related topics: LETS BE FRIENDS Let the chat continue! You can also join me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter where I often post insider fun stuff like photos and bloopers. Find me on Instagram @howtogrowagarden and share your garden pictures with me using the hashtag #howtograwagarden Want to see the bloopers and b-roll clips? You can find this on my Facebook fan page here: SOCIALMEDIA A LITTLE BACKGROUND ON SCARLETT Scarlett is an artist, entrepreneur and a passionate gardener. Scarlett is also a mostly raw all vegan foodist who loves gourmet raw vegan strait from the garden cooking. For many years now she has been growing almost all of her food all year round. Scarlett’s motto is grow what you eat and eat what you grow. Scarlett loves to share her knowledge about health, non-cooking and gardening with YouTube. She has two channels one How to grow a garden and the other BoTVGermany. (see link below) Scarlett’s journey to health started in 2011 after putting all of her energy into building a successful business for more than a decade […]


  • G Vieri 4 years ago

    Nancy told us you're moving back to Canada. Are you excited?

  • Ann Thompson 4 years ago

    Scarlett, Ii have a large area of sod taken over by crab grass. Can I turn that over and plant seed on top of it? I'm kind of at my wit's end at the moment with this above mentioned area. Thanks for any help you can offer. You're always so cheerful…love that !! Happy gardening 🙂 And one more question…how will you keep the grass growth in check? mowing??

  • oldtimefreedom 4 years ago

    Maine is known as Vacationland…

  • Jack George 4 years ago

    I love Scarlet in fast forward. Soooo funny. How about Scarlet in fast rewind? And how did Scarlet come to live in Germany? I mean you don't sound German…

  • brightpurpleviking 4 years ago

    Ohmygoodness I've always thrown away the sod after digging it up for a garden space! How stupid I was!! Well, live and learn. Thank you Scarlett. Your videos are delightful and a blessing to me right now. My daughter is currently battling an aggressive cancer and so I am almost always in the hospital with her. Therefore I am living vicariously through your garden videos since I am unable to have a garden this year! Thank you

  • Annie Jefferson 4 years ago

    my lord I just finished doing that. someone gave me 3 yards of lawn and dirt. I needed the dirt…..but I couldn't waste the lawn material…..I sorted by hand and built it by hand. so worth it

  • Linda Penney 4 years ago

    Awesome update thank you for sharing having a lovely update

  • Angela Angell 4 years ago

    Wow, you guys work so hard. I wish I had your energy. Anymore news on the downsizing? Has your big house sold yet? I think those tiny houses are cute but I don't know if I could live that small for very long. I truly love creature comforts.

  • Kevyrev Hydroponics (kevyrev) 4 years ago

    Nice sod work! Looks really good. Love the curved path you made.

  • debianuber 4 years ago

    Scarlett, you are inspiration. Greetings from N. California.

  • JOE KOSLOWSKI 4 years ago


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