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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote 4K to 8K stunning stock video footage of 4k, adventure, america, attraction, awesome, beauty, butte, canyon, cliff, conservation, desert, despain, environment, erosion, formation, geology, hd, hiking, landscape, mesa, mountain, natural, nature, off road, outdoors, overlook, panorama, park, recreation, rekindle, remote, rock, rugged, san rafael swell, sandstone, scenery, scenic, sedimentary, southwest, tourism, tourist, travel, utah, vacation, valley, wedge, west, wild, wilderness, 4×4.–san-rafael-swell-a-large-geologic-feature-located-in-south-central-utah-near-green-river–giant-dome-anticline-of-sandstone–shale–and-limestone-sedimentary-rocks-into-numerous-valleys–canyons–gorges–mesas-and-buttes–attracts-hikers–backpackers–horseback-riders–and-off-road-all-terrain-vehicle-(atv)–history-of-indian-and-pioneer-settlers-in-dry-remote-desert–4k-hd-video-footage–despain-rekindle-photo–5403 Utah desert landscape plants deep canyon valley slide. San Rafael Swell a large geologic feature located in south central Utah near Green River. Giant dome anticline of sandstone, shale, and limestone sedimentary rocks into numerous valleys, canyons, gorges, mesas and buttes. Attracts hikers, backpackers, horseback riders, and off road all terrain vehicle (ATV). History of Indian and pioneer settlers in dry remote desert. 4K HD Video footage. Despain Rekindle Photo. 5403 Video Rating: / 5

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  • An Adventure with Nick & Rachel 4 months ago

    Beautiful place

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