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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote It’s holiday time and you need a great “crowd pleaser” Plant Based Vegan dessert to take to that potluck party. Well, this is your recipe. It is sure to please even the most skeptical “foodie”! I mean really, who doesn’t love a classic cheesecake. It is festive looking and tastes even better than it looks. This recipe has the added bonus of being good for you. Oh my. Yes, I did say it is good for you. Can you believe it? A dessert as rich and delicious as this one can actually be healthy! Believe and Enjoy! For the full recipe visit: Instagram: What we use in our Kitchen: Blendtec Professional 800: Nutribullet: Stainless Steel Drinking Straws: Silicone Bread Pans: Cuisinart Food Processor: Citrus Juicer: Sari Nutritional Yeast: Dutch Oven: Salad Spinner: Organic Onion Powder: #plantbasedcooking #vegan #veganrecipes Video Rating: / 5 Today I want to share with you 4 of my favorite healthy and vegan dessert recipes. These are all super easy to prepare and composed of plant-based ingredients. But… although these are way healthier than your regular store-bought dessert, what’s a dessert without some sweetness? Even though I always recommend a wholesome diet with low to no sugar intake, all of the recipes I bring you today have a harmless amount of caloric sweeteners, just because I think they provide a better taste and texture that the non-caloric sweeteners. This is just my personal choice so feel free to try and substitute them with some low-calorie stevia, erythritol, or xylitol for example to make them completely sugar-free. If you have some medical condition or dietary restriction, talk with your dietitian or physician to help you adapt these diets to […]


  • Gravecb7 Accord 1 month ago

    To all the people that's allergic to nuts skip that part. For the crust just add the dates and Grand crackers, for the ingredients only do everything else except the nuts and use Soy milk, Vanilla extract is good enough with the Lemon Juice.

  • Chrisbell Vargas 1 month ago

    What brand of vanilla powder do you use if you don’t mind ?

  • Raw Revelations 1 month ago

    Soaking the cashews overnight removes the phytic acid. You should remove the phytic acid from nuts because it blocks the absorption of minerals that your body desperately needs. Your whole body will thank you!

  • thatcntrygirl turner 1 month ago

    Just made this. !! It’s I’m my recipe box! It’s deff a keeper !! Oh and btw if you don’t pulse it it will keep flying around longer

  • Margaret Martin 1 month ago

    Move over, Sara Lee! 🙂

  • Knifty Knit Boutique 1 month ago

    Hey Jill !!!! BRAIN WAVE — could one make this with using 1 Part Cashews and 1 Part Rolled Oats for a lighter,… but still creamy Cheesecake ???????

  • PrinceRockyCat 1 month ago

    Once it's done.. do u store in refrigerator or freezer?

  • Holly Molly 1 month ago

    Got bored watching. Too much talking blah blah blah

  • Jegan Kandiah 1 month ago

    I want to try making this for my brother cause my dairy cheesecake tasted epic! but now he’s a vegan cause he says it’s a lot healthier

  • Christina Van Der Walt 1 month ago

    Hate dates

  • grensita 1 month ago

    "your body will tell you when to stop" …i-i really dont think so hahaha

  • maartje bood 1 month ago

    Looks delicious! Has anyone got this recipe in grams?

  • Jack Demetriou 1 month ago

    What can you use instead of dates and raisins? I really don't like their taste

  • Rags Willis 1 month ago

    Is it possible to halve all the ingredients to make a smaller cake?

  • Lucas T. C. 1 month ago

    It is a raw cheesecake

  • Ceolbeats 1 month ago

    Good fast play

  • Shashonie Smith 1 month ago

    Unfortunately ppl with nut allergies can't indulge in this delicious vegan cheesecake

  • Melissa Latzel 1 month ago

    try soaking cashews firs overnight, it make sit soooo smooth in seconds and no grittiness at all, and you can use less cashews (as soaked becomes a much bigger volume) 🙂

  • Lourdes Márques Pereira 1 month ago

    Ana, fiquei a salivar principalmente com as duas últimas receitas.

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