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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote This is my first garden. I started the project thinking we’d just have 1 or 2 raised beds but it turned into something much bigger. Everything is done organically (no pesticides, no chemical fertilizers etc.) and “veganically” (without the use of manure, blood meal, bone meal or any kind of animal product). 99% of the vegetables are “heirloom” or “open-pollinated” meaning the seed has been bred true and saved for at least 50 years and will continue to breed true when you save the seed…as opposed to a “hybrid” which has generally been bred for appearance, shelf life, yield, disease resistance but rarely taste. A saved hybrid seed will not breed true to the vegetable you saved it from. My family and I built the structure. I started everything by seed, mostly indoors under a grow-light system. What I’m growing now: Tomatoes Peppers Eggplant Basil Squash Cucumbers Watermelon Cantaloupe Mint Green Beans Calendula (for tea) Tepary Beans Onions Garlic Indian Corn Strawberries Okra Tomatillo Sunflowers Parsley Amaranth What I grew over the winter: Lettuce Kale Rapini Broccoli Arugula Beets Carrots Peas Bok Choy Spigariello On an unrelated note, check out the band I’m in with my 3 brothers. Video Rating: / 5

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  • Rose M 4 years ago

    wow just wow ! what part of phoenix do you live at ??

  • victor mauricio 4 years ago
  • Geani Tsucuneli 4 years ago

    I have the same idea about garden in Desert…I am going to move in the future in Casa Grande Az.I already got 14 acres in Casa Grande….You have a very nice garden?

  • gloria elise 4 years ago

    So amazing!!:)?

  • Erik Vance 4 years ago

    What are you using to trelis the tomatoes? I see what looks like a road sign post with string/rope but is there more? Nice garden.

  • elgauchocaliforniano 4 years ago

    I'm moving to Phoenix and I'm wondering what books or sources you read with respect to growing vegetables in the desert and what you read regarding seed starting?

  • RaceDayVids 4 years ago

    what he said! absolutely beautiful

  • shramj 4 years ago

    That is really impressive, I live in Phoenix and I know how hot and how hard it can be to grow stuff out here. The sun is also a problem and that black netting stuff is a great idea.

  • The Chopping Block 4 years ago

    Well done! You put my garden to shame. How do you control pests, especially ants?

  • KarmaGoods 4 years ago

    Thanks Bowen, compliments are much appreciated! I read A LOT and had lots of trial and error but mostly gaining as much knowledge as possible before starting.

  • KarmaGoods 4 years ago

    Thanks! I use 50% shade-cloth.

  • Bone cann 4 years ago

    Very impressive, for a first garden, did u take a collage course on raising your first garden, then do a lab on it? This is advanced stuff for a beginner! Outstanding! Imagine what u will be doing 10, 20 years from now! Were the friends and family. That helped u on building the garden, beginners? Now I am going garden and re-think what I'm needing to do to get it up to par with the beginner! Rock on!:) your doing great! Bowen

  • Mercedes Adames 4 years ago

    YOU HAVE AN OUTSTANDING GARDEN THANK YOU FOR YOUR INSPIRATION. I LIVE IN LAS VEGAS AND I GARDEN. But what you have is inspirational. God Bless and enjoy the fruits of your labor. wHAT DO YOU COVER THE TOMATO WITH to filter the sun?

  • Gummer's Growing Journal 4 years ago

    Great vid watcher here from yorkshire england, id sort your ant problem out also in future id prune your toms check the vids on here bout it will be miles more beneficial with yeild, i did a 50% pruned 50% natural last year and my prunedhit around 200% more fruit, awsome layout bud keep going strong! starting my grows up and hope to have a set up lik this in next 24months

  • i2ambler2002 4 years ago

    @jibhorse Exploiting the insects? is that a joke?

  • BossMan480 4 years ago

    Good job man! Im in Mesa and will hopefully start my garden this year. This gives me hope!

  • KarmaGoods 4 years ago

    @luke26126 I haven't got many…some flowers here and there but I'd like to get more into that!

  • luke26126 4 years ago

    Very nice, are there any medicinal plants hidden in there? 😉

  • Joshua Vogt 4 years ago

    What kind of tomatoes are those

  • buyerofsorts 4 years ago

    Yes I did enjoy you're tour. Thanks for that. This is you're first garden?! Sheesh!

    What do you do with all of the produce? I live in Phoenix. Do you ever sell any of it? Thanks.