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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Learn everything you want and need to know about succulents– The Succulent Manual is now available as an eBook on Amazon, Apple and! (◕ᴗ◕✿) Growing cacti from seed is easy and rewarding! It takes knowing a few guidelines and a lot of patience, but not much else (besides seeds.) We’re planting the Mammillaria Haagenea seeds harvested in my last video ( and taking a look at some progress from a few other seedlings I’ve started this year including Echinocactus grusonii ‘Golden Barrel,’ Mammillaria haageana, and Aloe maculata. I’ve included several macro shots.  Cactus mix recipe and sources: Close-up of M. haagenana progress: 05:09 Sowing demo starts: 07:06 TLDW: Start seeds in a plastic tray with drainage and cactus soil. Cover with 1/4″ of sifted dirt. Keep humid. Water gently and daily, or when the soil dries out. Ready to try your hand at growing cacti and other succulents from from seeds? Shop: **** Future video ideas and comments? Please drop them below! ✿ About- Sucs For You! Featuring demonstrations of how to propagate and care for succulents and cacti, and other tips on working with these beautiful plants in challenging climates. With Andrea Afra, based out of Houston, Texas, Garden Zone 9A. ✿ Check out the ‘Get Help’ page to learn how I can help you help you plants- ✿ Help me help you! If my tips and advice have been of value to you, you can leave me a tip via Paypal, Venmo, or sign up to be a monthly supporter on Patreon! ✿ Follow me elsewhere! -Instagram: -Facebook Sucs Talk group: -Facebook page: -Flickr: ✿ Read about care tips and more at: ✿ Supplies I use: […]


  • perry como 6 months ago

    After what h9ng this video I tried planting cacti seeds I check them every day and today I looked and I had a bunch of baby cacti!!! I am so happy!!!

  • Chavala Ramu 6 months ago

    How many days succulent. Seeds take to germinate

  • tiana mantzouranis 6 months ago

    Hey, how often do you water the little cactuses?

  • anime punk69 6 months ago

    All the vids i saw they use a homemade cacti soil,but can i use a premade soil?

  • John Wakamatsu 6 months ago

    I would add that any organic matter should be sterilized using an oven or microwave to eliminate fungus.

  • Amy Landreville 6 months ago

    What do plan to do with them once they are bigger? Reason I am asking is my husband and I sell stuff at our flea market and if I can get the hang of growing more cactus I was thinking about trying to sell?

  • brandy spencer 6 months ago

    I'm having trouble finding you on instagram

  • Rikke Knudsen 6 months ago

    Does cacti need white grow light? It is because I only have red/blue grow light.

  • PuppyMintMocha 6 months ago

    My stepdad just bought me some "succulent seeds" from Wish, and I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how to attempt growing them? Wish is pretty riddled with scams so I'm honestly doubtful that these seeds are what they claim to be but I figured I'd give it a go anyway, as they were a gift, and I don't want to tell my stepdad that I don't think they're actually succulent seeds. They claim to be that 'spiral grass succulent', but I know nothing about it or how to try to grow it. Also, if they're not the spiral grass succulent seeds, what are they likely to actually be?

  • Chris Berardi 6 months ago

    I enjoyed this video – I grew cacti when I was a teen and recently inherited some of my mother's plants. Did a search on YT and your videos popped up – just perfect for me wanting to get going again with some seeds, I'll check out the sucsforyou site too.

  • Tabascopeppers 6 months ago

    How much light do seeds need per day?

  • Joe Selewa 6 months ago

    I got some picture of cactus I don't have Facebook I can send it to you in email.

  • areola2012 6 months ago

    loved your video thank for showing us

  • Bam Bam 6 months ago

    Hello, I have one question? Did you leave your grow lights on all the time? Because last time I did that swat team kicked in my door.

  • eph elle 6 months ago


  • michael flett 6 months ago

    hi ANDREA,just found your channel and subscribed,i love your presentation so natural and fun,i live in north east england and enjoy growing cacti myself,but fancy trying seeds this year,best wishes

  • Against the Modern World 6 months ago

    For me, it's easier and more uniform to sift the final layer directly over the seed trays.
    I've also had really good luck with and without using a top layer…try both and see what works for you.

  • June Connor 6 months ago

    I just found your channel ! I started this cactus mania about a year ago and I'm still learning, but I am now wanting to try my hand at trying to grow from seed, Lol !! So thanks for your video !! I think that you put so much Love into your planting and could be at least one reason why those cacti seeds grew so well that you planted on your birthday !! Your very lovely and real..Thanks again !!

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