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  • Slenderender101 1 week ago

    what a nice engineer

  • Ultimate Berserker 1 week ago

    Lookin like a snacc

  • Dream Zzz 1 week ago

    love the skin color but that hat is ugly af..

  • CAPTAIN 1 week ago

    Вот бы добавили легендарную шляпу для капитана мёртвой бороды как из второй части (ну или что-то подобное). Она очень классная, но сколько я играл, она мне так и не выпала 🙁

  • Ori the guardian spirit 1 week ago

    Any cactus tips(probably not cause she sucks please give me some tips)

  • Twig The Runaway 1 week ago

    Whenever i first saw this skin, the first thing that came to mind was


  • Edgardo de la teja 1 week ago

    Thanks for do this video, I like the reaction hat

  • Eni God 1 week ago

    Comprei ontem,amo chapéus lendários

  • josue alfaro 1 week ago

    I have all the price map complete

  • Gabriel Pimentel 1 week ago

    you were great you are very good with cactus

  • Mart Meijer 1 week ago

    The cactus behind the slaughter

  • Sara Miller 1 week ago

    Love the intro music

  • bread god of bread 1 week ago

    Show pvz2 mobile contente there's a. Lot of stuff to show before realese

  • Bandom CD 1 week ago

    The skin is expensive for 10

  • bread god of bread 1 week ago

    I really appreciate your type videos

  • GermanShu 1 week ago

    I am often asked about my gamepad settings in the game. Specially did not cut this fragment

  • Andtherescheese 129 1 week ago

    Meh its okay i still love Valentino superpug for superbrainz

  • Megaraptor Br 1 week ago

    I thought that nothing could be worse than that pink chomper, but this cactus skin IS THE WORST OF ALL

  • Денис Лецкий 1 week ago

    Какая это еще леди ? Это ЭЛЬ КАКТУС ВОООООУ !

  • Anitha Nagarajan 1 week ago

    Super Indians too have natural jelly

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