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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Me and my little nephew John visited the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden to do some research on desert plants for a permaculture design in John’s backyard. We saw lots of different native plants as well as plants from all over the deserts of the world. We also got to see some of the traditional structures of the indigenous peoples of the desert southwest. I tried to fit in as much education as I could, although trying to make a video while watching an 8 year old has its challenges. We spent a lot of the time collecting samples of herbs to turn into medicine, John’s idea. The music used in the video is my own, which you can find at I am currently looking for volunteers to help with the Permaculture Bike Park project, and stay or live in the Ant Village. This thread has all the info:… Follow me on Instagram @oneheartfire If you enjoy my videos and would like to support the project, please visit To make a one time donation via paypal or credit card, please visit To donate Bitcoin, click here: To learn more about my other permaculture projects and experiences, please visit Video Rating: / 5


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