Vlog every week!Desert Planter Chaos|| New Pond Filter|| Koi and Goldfish Update|| Fish and Vegetable Symbiosis

Waterfall filter 20:00 Fish update 26:28 Making desert planter video 30:06 ******************************* ** ************************************ Giant cactus and succulent plant grower video waterfall filter video***** ******************************************** ********** ************** Fun gardening week! I have never found packaged peanuts, which is good, actually good because they are bad for the environment. Overall, the new filter on the goldfish pond works well! Cacti and succulent flower pots are out! The plant I use is, well, I just copied the description in that video here: cheap and simple DIY gardening craft project, succulents are bright and pleasant! Grow my big cacti and succulents from my cacti and succulents to make a huge desert flower pot! This 30-inch garden pot contains Peruvian cactus or night blooming apple cactus, golden barrel cactus, agave parryi truncata, variegated agave (or yucca?) Euphorbia fire stick and desert rose horse teeth overflowing from the front Amaranth. I can still add some echeverias, sempervivums and/or senecio (strings of pearls) to the planter. ************************************************** **** ***************** social media! Twitter-@tropicalplantjc Instagram- Tropicalplantparty Snapchat-tropplantparty.


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