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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote The first Song name : SKRILLEX – BANGARANG (FT. SIRAH) Music : Mr. Capone-E (feat. Angie B) “So Addicted To You” Skrillex (feat. Sirah) “Bangarang” Elvis Presley “Hound Dog” PSY “Gangnam Style” West Street Mob “Break Dance – Electric Boogie” I Am Legend Soundtrack “Darkseeker dogs” Video Rating: / 5 Time for another race but this time your prize is a yellow gem. Don’t mess up. Video Rating: / 5


  • KittenPlays 4 years ago

    This is the best

  • ney do you tube 4 years ago

    o zumbe não morre

  • ney do you tube 4 years ago

    eu gostei e sinistro é da hora muito engraçado

  • VM GAMING 4 years ago

    whats song in 1:23?

  • Alyssa Savitri 4 years ago


  • Oğuz Tanriöven 4 years ago

    wie heißt die andere musik

  • Babycurls Unruly 4 years ago


  • Babycurls Unruly 4 years ago


  • arumy Princes 4 years ago

    sangre por sangre buena versión jajajajajj

  • Dominick Federico 4 years ago

    What's the song called

  • Aram Ali 4 years ago

    المعنى الحقيقي لواحد شطحوه بالضرب

  • Helver Galarga 4 years ago

    like si lo viste en 2016 XD

  • Megabus Automotive Tychy 4 years ago


  • Misael Gonzalez 4 years ago

    you stupid dummy

  • Leela TIRUMALESWARA RAO 4 years ago


  • Sevia Ananda 4 years ago

    lucu banget

  • Sevia Ananda 4 years ago

    lucu banget

  • BEST!

  • NDNG Uykucu 4 years ago


  • Sp0ng3b0bb3 4 years ago

    once the clock appear, start running and as soon as you get to the bonus level, play it!
    kill yourself by falling down and you'll spawn next to the bonus level with the full time(but you won't see the timer)! so now you'll have the full time to beat half of the level, and get the yellow gem easier!

  • NiceGuyFreddie 4 years ago

    I just made it, in fact the timer begins right at the beginning of the level but you can only see it once you reach the first checkpoint crate. I thought it was impossible, I had like 59 seconds to do it but when I rushed through the very first part the timer then displayed 1:09. Was much easier then

  • Johanna Michelle 4 years ago


  • MJIndian 4 years ago

    The first time I got it, it disappeared when I was right in front of it due to the timer running out

  • TheRonin7272 4 years ago

    you have to go thrpugh the entire in one go, if you start from a checkpoint you can't get the gem.

  • Tua Gila 4 years ago

    when i play the time didn't appear..

  • Amana HB 4 years ago

    1:18 loooo it's the first time I see this in your videos lol, thanks for this awesome guide 🙂

  • Steve Maves 4 years ago

    hey after my first try the clock wont show up for me.. what gives?

  • Александр Каминский 4 years ago

    Большёе тебе спасибо!!!!!!!!

  • akatsukiart13 4 years ago

    I was so close but at the very end i jumped and was to close to the box and died

  • tariqz118 4 years ago

    thanks dude

  • Dessert Monkey 4 years ago

    @amador2694 The timer actually starts immediately in the background when you enter the level. This means you'll have to prioritize the box gem for later if you go after the timer gems.

  • amador2694 4 years ago

    when i did this it gave me a minute and for seconds how come u get more time?

  • shoval kariti 4 years ago

  • Dessert Monkey 4 years ago

    @yokiddingme *Twiddles his thumbs* I… haven't had that problem before nor seen it. Unless you die at some point after the timer is triggered, which then it won't come up again unless you restart the level, then there's little I can help you with this.

  • Polar Bear 4 years ago

    for some reason when i play this map… the time clock wont appear and i have no clue why

  • LJ Awkward 4 years ago

    @tonijeffmarc Not everyone wants to cheat. And also that only works on the American version I think.

  • tonijeffmarc 4 years ago

    Great playthrough. Yet completely unnecessary. All you have to do is just play up to the Bonus platform. Once you get there go into the bonus level and then die(since you're in the Bonus, you won't lose lives). Once you re-warp just outside the bonus area, you should notice you have gained over one minute. More than enough time to get the gem from there.

  • Crashbandikool 4 years ago

    So easy

  • serpentman798 4 years ago

    I remember I tried this about 5 times and then on the 6th try I got it with 2 seconds left….Best victory yell ever? 🙂 Good vid man 😀 I love your Crash 1 Vids.

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