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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] In the series premiere of Wanderlust, Chelsea, Tony & Justin travel to California to meet with Eric & Stephanie Lowenbach. They photograph Malibu, a ghost town (Randsburg), explore the desert, find ancient petroglyphs, eat in a Merry-go-Round, scope out the Mobius Arch for a morning shoot, drink, and play shuffleboard. Want to be our tour guides next time? Send us a audition video at Next episode: BOOK: * Stunning Digital Photography: or PEOPLE: * Stephanie Lowenbach: * Eric Lowenbach: * Justin Eckert: * Chelsea Northrup: * Tony Northrup: GEAR * Pentax K-1: * Pentax 15-30: * Pentax 24-70: * Nikon D810: * Nikon 14-24: * Sigma 24-105: * Sony a7R II: * Sony 18-105: * Canon 5DS-R: * Canon 16-35: * Drone: * Walking gimbal: * Tripod: * Mics: Video Rating: / 5


  • Steven Ochoa 3 years ago

    What? you stop there???? too short, now I have to get back to work early :-(

  • andymart90 3 years ago

    Great work guys, really knocked it out of the park with this.

  • Shawn Tackaberry 3 years ago

    I wasn't sure if I was going to be in to this series…. I was wrong. That's again T&C for a fun ride!

  • zvxcvxcz 3 years ago

    +Tony & Chelsea Northrup One more request for when you review the M5, how is focus for lenses with > f/8 aperture? That is, usually Canon has made that a no go for their PDAF DSLRs, but often you could still get the slower CDAF in live view, this also let you get around the lenses allowed usable with the 2x converter so long as the other lens physically fit (since the extender projects a bit into the lens), like with the Sigma 150-600. I'm curious if with only live view essentially, what happens here, is there just too little light for the DPAF but it still does CDAF? Can DPAF actually function at such apertures? Or has Canon made it impossible intentionally, etc…?

    P.S. My earlier request (comment on some other video, lol) was to hammer them a bit on missing smaller features, like the extra options with auto ISO (e.g. setting a minimum shutter speed). I mean, they're saying their serious, but I'm seeing semi serious. That is, it's no joke to them but they're still letting their best players take a break on the bench. :P

  • Robert Nuttmann 3 years ago

    The Owens valley was not so dry until most of the water was sent south in the early 1900's. So back when the petroglyphs were made the Owens river flowed with lots of water and Owens lake was big.

  • Wrecks 3 years ago

    "Man, I HATE it when people mark the land by writing LOVE in the rocks! How rude!!!"
    10 minutes later:
    "These petroglyphs are awesome!"


  • Scott Colthart 3 years ago

    Amazing guys! Love this! Congrats.

  • Wrecks 3 years ago

    Not 60p? Psshhh!!!

  • Luis Ortiz 3 years ago

    Ok this was great! More please!

  • Troy Hall (Bear) 3 years ago

    This is a fantastic video. The editing by Justin Eckert is amazing! Masterfully made!… Tony Chelsea Siobhan Great job you guys… Best I've seen of your work.

  • baker2niner 3 years ago

    Nice, guys. A lot more useful than gear reviews.

  • Southern Biscuits 3 years ago

    Great fun!!

  • Fotodust Pictures 3 years ago

    Guys great experience and great video and ideas. Thank you!

  • Billy Innes 3 years ago

    Some of your best YouTube yet and the best on youtube. This is PBS prime time. I only wish it was longer can't wait for episode2

  • Croo ookie 3 years ago

    This has an HGTV style of production. LoL not in love with it, but I'll watch cuz you guys are great.

  • Daniel Vinolo 3 years ago

    Love the video and quality!!

  • Sven David Hildebrandt 3 years ago

    So Tony & Chelsea, have you been to Norway yet? You know this is the land of the vikings and the midnight sun? If you haven't been there yet, you've missed out and should start planning right away :-)

  • fetzinger10 3 years ago

    Beautiful episode!! Can´t wait for the next one! Thanks everyone involved!

  • Dainty Bella Photography 3 years ago

    This was very beautiful to watch. Ascetically pleasing for us introverts. <3

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