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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] TOP STORIES=== Chinese tree planters greening desert. 60 years of hard work turns desert into oasis. China’s desert city turns into oasis- Striking landscape. Two generations spent over 30 years turning desert into fertile land. How can we combat desertification- Chinese farmers share their story. Combatting Desertification- Chinese herdsmen dedicated to turn desert into oasis. Collapsed coal mines turned into solar power plants in north China. Barren land turned into oasis- Decades of afforestation pays off in Youyu, China. Watch the video to see all these and many more… SUBSCRIBE: Don’t forget to subscribe for upcoming videos – Richard Aguilar My Youtube Channel: MY Social Media Accounts: Tweets by gygenministries Thanks for watching… #theBTNews #Chinadeserttoproductiveland #Chinacombatsdesertification #turningdesertgreen #desertturnsintooasis Video Rating: / 5


  • Lance .Y 1 year ago


  • Colin Tan 1 year ago

    Nature needs time to heal with human interventions.

  • 6packter 1 year ago

    Flowers bring in bees butterflies lady birds
    Birds come in
    In USA they plant GMO crops no bees no butterflies as GMO crops have no flowers

  • Steven Siefer 1 year ago

    What about all that plasticfoils in the ground?

  • kosherpork 1 year ago

    Planting flowers is not as useful as letting the native trees grow. They basically run a mower through this massive flower bed and chop down anything that grows there every year, which is about as bad as their man made desertification.

  • Arbab Akram 1 year ago

    Western and its colonial resources are subject to preplanned waist full spending. Corporate control will not allow people to have access to their resources, only jobs…..

  • Berta Nelson 1 year ago

    Inspiring! Thank you for posting this composite of information.

  • jim uyloan 1 year ago

    Where do the foresters get theism water to supply the plants till maturehood? And do the farmers/foresters receive pay for the is efforts? And what penalty is meted to those who destroy the trees already growing?

  • mont lee 1 year ago

    SO Wonderful ! !

  • Bing Archide 1 year ago

    Agree if it does not destroy the natural cycle of crop….

  • Bob Jackson 1 year ago

    It's a shame that we in the West can't summon the strength to achieve similar results, lack of motivated leaders is also a major problem.

  • Javier Alejandro Osorio Montes 1 year ago

    Quick question: The reason for this interesting new method is to change the environment? Getting extra income? Stop draught? The fulfilment of a dream? Or overpopulation results? Call me silly but a desert is a desert. What the climate changes of this will be? OASIS GOOD. Thanks for the video. God bless you.

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