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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Video Rating: / 5 Went looking for scorpions and ratrle snakes with a friend of mine and found this camel spider! I am located in north phoenix, arizona. Other parts of arizona closer to the desert have a TON of camel spiders! Video Rating: / 5


  • Phillip Kramer 1 year ago

    We have coral snakes living here I only see it every few years and its a venomous one to but unless you pick it up or have bare feet its mouth is to small to bit.  Don't kill these out of unnecessary fear.  I have more fear of identity theft than these.  I have had a rattlesnake lunge as well as a gila monster and both missed unfortunately the rattler ended up headless from the spokes on my Mt bikes rear tire.  Poor snake…

  • Phillip Kramer 1 year ago

    Tungstenwall it was mostlikely a false scorpion which are pretty harmless not a camel spider

  • Phillip Kramer 1 year ago

    Im not a expert and its hard to see but that looks kinda like a false scorpion which I see several each summer inside my house and on the property along with rattle snakes, king snakes, black widows, bark scorpions, turantulas, gila monsters, even occasional recluses.  We should stop killing so many wild animals and trying to control the enviroment.  Baked maggots along with meal worms also are kinda tasty by the way.  I love king snakes to there's a neighborhood one that I often find in the yard and have to carry it out by hand so the dogs don't harm it.  It seems very friendly for atleast a few minutes especially when its a bit cold wrapping itself around my arms and neck absorbing my body heat. I have probably had to move it atleast 5 times.  They are primarily black occasionally with a bit of yellow appearing in stripes especially when they are younger.  It gave birth once in the yard.  I am located in Tucson right now.  When in Oklahoma there were copperhead snakes which I do hate.  Copperhead snakes do seem to attack similar to a breading snakehead defending its clutch or a Catfish protecting its burrow or hole.  To many people believe the made up nonsense and kill these precious creatures that are a extremely valuable part of the ecosystem.  Remember they were there before you and its there territory not yours especially if you are outside.  I hate when I hear about people killing bull and gopher snakes along with turantulas which usually won't bite when they are on you as long as you remain somewhat calm.  After all the fish are gone we might have to start eating insects looking at the way the planet it changing.  People need to relax.

  • Alexander Connolly 1 year ago

    I saw in another video that Camel spiders can deliver a (NUMBING ANESTHETIC) which means you wont feel it as it tears upon your flesh.

  • Alexander Connolly 1 year ago

    Just north of Tucson in Oracle, I just found one in my house running around below me while my shoes were off. I chopped it in half like a potato. The one in the video was much bigger but still, wtf are they doing in Arizona?

  • TungstenWall 1 year ago

    I was not sure what I saw in Tucson (AZ), but I recall it looking like a large, semi-fleshy ant with two long front legs (some missing).

    I wonder if it was one of these.

  • athfsloth18 1 year ago

    North phoenix. Where exactly?

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