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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote In this video, I will show you how I’m watering the tomato and pepper plants in my organic raised bed vegetable garden. Also, the signs of overwatering tomatoes. I will also show you how I water my container plants (cucumbers & string beans). I will also talk about the three major mistakes we make when watering tomato plants. Mainly, I will focus on watering plants, both in the garden and in pots here in Arizona. The three major mistakes we make when watering our plants are: 1. We tend to overwater. More often then not we overwater because we worry that the plants are wilting. However, plants, and particularly pepper plants, could wilt because they have been over watered. 2. When not careful, we splash soil from the garden onto the plants’ leaves, which could cause disease from the soil in the garden to transfer to the plant. 3. In hot places like Arizona (or any place where your plants are exposed to the sun for extended periods of time), if we splash water on the leaves, it will cause the leaves to burn. And this applies for all plants, not just your vegetable garden. It could happen to the grass on your lawn too. *In hot weather places also make sure to let the water run until is cool enough to water your garden. As I said earlier, one of the signs of over watering your bell pepper plants is wilting. And peppers, unlike cucumbers, are OK with going without water for longer periods of time. But, as with any other plant in your vegetable garden or in a pot, try to be as consistent as possible. As far as tomato plants, if you already have ripened tomatoes and they have cracks, […]


  • Odysseas Fidanza 4 years ago

    you sound so sexy dear

  • farzad eli 4 years ago

    thank you. very helpful

  • End Fear 4 years ago

    Hi Sasha, I used to live in Mesa AZ. I gardened there as well. Why is it you don't use mulch on your soil? It really helps with keeping the soil cool, and the moisture in. I used to use whatever organic mulch I could find out there. BTW, your plants look great!

  • water in the morning to avoid attracting slugs snails and other night things that love moisture thru out the night…..

  • Fensterfarm Greenhouse 4 years ago

    Hey Sasha, Cracks or splits on the tomato fruit is not really a sign of over watering but more of inconsistent watering. If you watch the videos that I have on my hydroponic tomatoes I think that you will see what I mean. I run a nutrient solution into my dutch buckes on a constant flow rate 24X7 and I never get splitting. If I were to run it like that for 3 days straight then stop it for 2 days every week I would have the splitting.
    All the best!

  • Emil C. 4 years ago

    Sasha, thanks for the video. Some say not to water with tap water because of the chlorine, do you have an advice on this? I see you are using water directly from the hose. I fill a 50 gal drum and let the water sit for 24 hrs before watering, is this necessary?

  • Lisa'sWorld 4 years ago

    Great job, Sasha. You plants are looking great.

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