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Desert Gardens


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  • baceball7666 6 years ago

    It’s about time for the next video?

  • Joshua Phillips 6 years ago

    He has such a Unique voice. He should be al lot bigger than what he
    currently is and if he plays his cards right, his future will be bright.
    Good Luck Watsky!?

  • Ace Taylor 6 years ago

    Watsky- Dent in the Moon

    Chicago’s Millennium Park “Cloud Gate” one of the featured places in the
    new #Watsky video just released (I mean *JUST* released …)

    Locations, in order:
    Arizona, Desert Gardens RV Park
    Alabama, Battleship Memorial Park
    New York City, NY; Times Square
    Chicago, IL; “The Bean”
    Steins, New Mexico ghost town
    Florida, somewhere
    Berlin, Germany; The Berlin Wall
    Holland, countryside
    Washington, DC; The National Mall
    Wyoming, somewhere
    Eastern Washington, somewhere
    Milan, Italy; The Duomo Cathedral
    Germany, somewhere in a rapeseed field
    The English Channel, a ferry
    Paris, France; The Eifel Tower
    A parking lot in Vermont
    London, England; Big Ben
    San Francisco, CA; The Fillmore

    #Watsky #musiceveryday #RapGenius #musiceveryday #Tunesday
    #Chicago #ChiTown ?

  • Liamwitz 6 years ago


  • The Music Rag 6 years ago

    Song of the Day: “Dent in the Moon” Watsky?

  • Kori Hu 6 years ago

    He is just the cutest. I love me some Watsky.

  • marshall conley 6 years ago

    IDGAF i dont give a FUCK haha classic

  • MrHairyBrit - News, Reviews, Movies and Vlogs 6 years ago

    Ive watched this over and over… love it Almost as much as … CLOWN PORN

  • Manslaughter9753 6 years ago

    This guy; deserves more credit then you get

  • Terrell Jones 6 years ago

    nailed it

  • Sarah E. Ford 6 years ago

    Very interesting song. I’ve noticed a change in your music over time and I
    think it’s all good. still love to listen to IDGAF and Wounded Healer.
    Can’t wait to hear what you have next!

  • Dave Berz 6 years ago

    Why does it matter that your Mexican?

  • jack chou 6 years ago

    Giants For LIFE!!!!!!

  • WizkidGamingUK 6 years ago

    85 people on my to-do list.

  • Gerardo Torres 6 years ago

    Nice music

  • Austin White 6 years ago

    The song is about life

  • PvmColton 6 years ago

    This song isn’t just about baseball… In short, stop trying for likes.

  • Tyler Blohm 6 years ago

    possibly the best modern day talented and technically aware poet of our
    generation. actually Shakespeare was great because thats what his
    generation existed as, as well as watsky here and now. congrats bud much
    love from another poet

  • underdog4gaming 6 years ago

    he’s coming to Belgium the second time this year and for the second time
    I’m not allowed to go (only 17) by my parents, this suck because I also was
    at London when he was there this year and missed him by 5 minutes to meat
    him. in short: FML

  • Juan Cerda 6 years ago

    “It’s silly to give a shit about a game but earth is a little ball that’s
    just spinning on its axis — too” …. Mind = Blown

  • Juan Cerda 6 years ago

    Hay que traerlo a DF, estaria de pelos ver la banda en vivo.

  • buddy oliveira 6 years ago

    didnt like it the first time but second time this song is gangster

  • senorputti 6 years ago

    go here for games cheap:

  • miamibeaches1 6 years ago

    I actually can see his mustache ^^