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  • Katherine Taylor 4 years ago

    Visit Mike McGroarty's station, I think that's how you spell it. He has a you tube station and a dot. Com. He is wonderful with plant information.

  • Katherine Taylor 4 years ago

    Your garden is looking great as always. I would try some pvc piping with some wholes drilled in it around some of your trees until the trunks get larger.

  • CR Conway 4 years ago

    Did you keep the bamboo/cane? It makes a good windbreak and is pretty drought tolerant. Also Arizona cypress and mesquites make good windbreaks when planted en masse. I would recommend a golden dorsett apple tree as pollinator for the anna apple. Personally, I was really disappointed in the texture and taste of anna but golden dorsett is crisp and sweet and yummy. (Makes really good apple cider vinegar too!) :)

  • ray bon 4 years ago

    Well off the bat. Your in the most southern zone for the Sun. So, as a homesteader. You don't have to plan for cloudy days as much. Or not at all. You don't have to worry about cold days. And your looking at 12 hours of Sun all year. So that's an advantage that??the advance home steader in the mid west, north east, the south will never have. So your looking at less work. Manipulating the Sun. Also your temperature will not come in to play for your home stead , for fruits veggies animals. Those things do better in heat than in winter. Your challenge obviously is water. But I good irrigation system can cut down on water. Also if you get a solar cooker. That cuts down on your time in the kitchen. It's some mirrors where the Sun cooks your meals especially from, 9am to 12 pm. I've cooked a lot of meals in the Sun.

  • Janet Cortorreal 4 years ago

    beautiful job :)

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