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  • SalivateMetal 1 year ago

    Very nice. It does have desert look to it. Nice mushroom too. Silver! lol

  • Golden Arms 1 year ago

    im still waiting for u to say you're gonna send me that shroom?! hahaha

  • Silver Slacker 1 year ago

    Lol, I need one of those plants 🙂 Cool piece from Bison Bullion!

  • SilverTorch66 1 year ago

    I guess I need to move to the desert so I can find plants with Silver 🙂 Great vid!

  • Golden Arms 1 year ago

    lol. the plant has balls! nice shroom too, maybe its magic?

  • Silver Vessel 1 year ago

    Lol! That was excellent 🙂 Im sure GA will appreciate! Thanks bud 🙂

  • AuRebel 1 year ago

    Pretty cool.

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