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  • allen Gina 1 month ago

    I hate this video trick.

  • sss Pradeep 1 month ago


  • Lee Yoo Na 1 month ago

    Đell tin

  • Jayanthi Balasubramanian 1 month ago

    Awesome hacks for rejuvenating plants. Thanks a million.

  • Дмитрий Максим ок па купалкин 1 month ago

    Не один лайфхак не с работал

  • Syed Aijaz 1 month ago


  • Moska 1 month ago

    did someone tried suculents in bottle?

  • TetraTomato Of Darkness 1 month ago

    Even if you hate plants, do you really think killing them is the right solution xD

  • Madison Jackson 1 month ago

    Okay, I know that the bleach, soap , and hair hacks are hot garbage, but please tell me which other ones are crap because we have a mandarin tree in need of help and nobody seems to want to get Julius some damn plant food and a bigger pot no matter how much I tell my family that we need some.

  • HuskyFox •WC• WildCraft/LelFab •Aj• AnimalJam 1 month ago

    Oml, bleach kills flowers.

  • Allan Bangera 1 month ago

    bleach to plants? really?

  • PePqEr Boy 1 month ago

    Putting hair in the soil??? Hell nah, that's how you summone demon and stuff.

  • Rio Zeta 1 month ago

    These videos are for views, not useful tips, believe me

  • Cherry Bug 1 month ago

    Yeah we all want to put BLEACH on our plants!

  • Yes we all have hydrogen peroxide at home

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