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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Whales of the Desert presents the intriguing, and nearly unbelievable, story about the Earth’s ancient whales that once thrived in what is now harsh desert. … Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  • Phish N' Chimps 6 years ago

    I thought he said Skittels!?

  • alex ale 6 years ago

    When whales and fish die, their bones decompose. Right? When we see whales
    being fossilized completely whole, this is living proof of the Genesis
    account of the flood, that God destroyed the earth by flood because of the
    wickedness of man. God also told us that there would be a time again when
    man would become like the people before the flood and that the earth would
    be destroyed by fire. Today just like in the time of Noah, few believe the
    warning even though we live in the nuclear age.

  • tony a 6 years ago

    Whales were not evolved , but created. Genesis account.

  • Russell Comer 6 years ago

    The claim of this evolutionary change has been debunked, the scientist
    confessed to adding the fluke as “supposed transistion” as well as foot to
    fin was in error of physical developement. All they have is a whale. No
    kind has ever been found that transistioned to another kind. The fossilized
    Mangroves indicate that it was for a short time a wetland. This “sea” or to
    some an “ocean” appears to me as a shallow catch of dead whales. Age?
    Nobody knows for sure, examine dating methods, you’ll see.

  • Chris Davies 6 years ago

    A beautifully made film.

  • Abd Elhamid Elsayed 6 years ago

    ???? ???? ???? ??????? – ?????

  • Gabriel Mikhail 6 years ago

    To mylivingwater: That was what they said over 200 years ago, now science
    had made large strides which could not be ignored. Let us not live in the
    dark ages.

  • Olette Freriks 6 years ago

    Wadi Hetan in de Fajoem Westelijke Woestijn Egypte?