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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Disease! It’s everywhere all at the same time. 3 weeks of 90 degree weather, high humidity, afternoon rains = a bad 3 weeks of being a turf manager. But how do you handle it? Communicate with customers and spray fungicides. Video Rating: / 5


  • SuburbanNinja8000 1 month ago

    Sounds like someone is having fun in the background… "Gun shots"

  • Richard Pasillas 1 month ago

    Man you call me a Niger

  • Shane Bretey 1 month ago

    One of my favorite videos.

  • john g 1 month ago

    Matt, Could you tell me the products to use that prevents brown spot ?
    I have a great looking tall fescue lawn now, but in the summer I start getting brown spots. I think it's a funcicide, but I'm not sure. Thank you, JohnG

  • JOE BROWN 1 month ago

    Matt why not up sell preventive fungicide knowing this could happen ? just asking

  • Jesus First To-the-Point End Time Signs 1 month ago

    Greetings! I truly wish that as a society we did not worry about such trivial matters. Why is everyone so concerned about how aesthetically visual our grass is to us and everyone? It just makes no sense to me that we concern ourselves with such superficial things. I mean no disrespect, truly. It actually makes me so sad.

  • Kevin Naderi 1 month ago

    Thanks I enjoyed it it seems this is in Texas or something

  • Chad Roberts 1 month ago

    I'm in part of Bay Area CA that gets 90's in Summer (a few 100's sprinkled in) and 40's in Winter. The area where the lawn will be gets 6.5hrs full sun in Winter, 8hrs in Summer. Been considering using a blend of Fescue and Rye.what would you recommend?

  • Tom Win 1 month ago

    what a useless video

  • dschnizzy 1 month ago

    Hot Summer Heat wave right now in Southern California. I haven't mowed my tall fescue for 3 weeks because of the heat, don't want to stress out the lawn, its doing good, except a small stress patch. Do you think I can push off mowing till the heat passes or should I start mowing again. 101+ temps at least for the next 3 weeks 🙁

  • Powerbypoole 1 month ago

    What surfactant do you run with your fungicide?

  • Really BadAim 1 month ago

    Been considering using this grass for winter turf in North Texas. Summer is all Bermuda.

  • Lindsay Canto 1 month ago

    I would like to plant red creeping fescue in Long Beach, Ca. Zone 10b. Do I need fungicide? Or any other special treatment? Thanks!

  • Natural Hair Rebel 1 month ago

    We are 3-4 weeks post tall fescue seeding. Completely started over with our lawn. Are we able to do fungicide now, or when is the best time to do so?

  • james ludan 1 month ago

    what are all the tire marks?

  • Powerbypoole 1 month ago

    Do you have a video on the fungicide your running now? How you mix it and spray?

  • Valley Girl 1 month ago

    @TheGrassFactor No chemicals allowed in my neighborhood. What can I use instead to kill the fungicide. Got a mile of clover that just popped up also got this fern type of weed spreads like wildfire. give me your address ill email you a picture.

  • Scott Robertson 1 month ago

    your not telling us where you are geographically. got any tips for talking morons into fungicide BEFORE they see the problem?

  • Martha Ochoa 1 month ago

    What kind of fertilizer can I use and told fescue or medallion? Rialto California

  • catbirdfeeder 1 month ago

    You really like your face in the camera.

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