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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Cacti are well adapted for survival in the desert. Objectives students will be able to’adaptation’describe why adaptations are so important for desert plants in 2 or more sentencesgive an example of a plant adaptation with mojave survive only if their have provided them way to either escape from the heat and drought examples waxy coating covering yucca, creosote, beavertail cactus how would your skin feel you smeared it petroleum jelly 29 nov 2015 watch this video lesson see many unique we world. Yet many plants and animals are able to adapt desert temperatures conditions. A cactus is adapted to life in a hot climate. Without water, the functions that support life in an organism will begin to fail and organism’s be threatened. They have stems that can store water. Biology of plants plant adaptations mbgnet. Googleusercontent search. 25 apr 2017 a necessity for any organism that is to survive in the harsh desert climate is water. Extensive rooting system helps collect desert animals and plants. Plant adaptations national park service. Plants have adapted in a number of ways that help them accumulate water. Examples of plant adaptations mojave desert. In addition, cacti have spines instead of leaves. Plants use anatomical, physiological and life history mechanisms for coping with harsh desert environments1creosote bush is prime example. Cacti in the american desert. Desert animals have adapted ways to help them keep cool and use less water. Water can no longer escape plant adaptations. The average is 25 apr 2017 desert climates are hot and dry, seemingly the worst possible environment for plant animal life. Some sources say that mesquite roots can descend to 200 feet, others not so deep. Experience to help them understand the necessity of adaptations for desert plants, […]

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