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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote This Long Beach home owner had a terrific idea; instead of a entire lawn of water-thirsty marathon grass they planted dymondia. This super easy to grow plant is always green, doesn’t need to be mowed, and needs minimal watering. It is silver-green in color, it comfortable to bare feet, creeps around stepping stones beautifully and works well in either small groups or, as this home owner proved, on a large tract. I would recommend avoiding being penny-wise and pound-foolish and plant plenty of plugs to cut down on time spent on maintenance weeding that is necessary until the dymondia fills in entirely. Remember the Long Beach Water Department will pay you up to .00 sq ft of FRONT lawn that is changed to drought tolerant plantings. A typical front yard is 1,000 sq ft which calculates out to a ,000 rebate. Now isn’t that dymondia looking even better! You can find us at


  • Tony Dinh 4 years ago

    I've seen this house.  I live around the neighborhood.  I have dymondia myself.  It does need a-lot of weeding, mostly wild grasses and clovers.  I'm planning on using pre-emergent to stop the plants from starting.  I dont have a problem with too much sun or too mush shade.  It doesn't seem to care.  I have a lawn that is half in sun and half in shade, and both halves are perfectly fine.

  • Nick D 4 years ago

    This can be very high maintenance. Too much sun and it burns. Too much shade no good, over water it rots and it takes forever to grow. Best in small somewhat shaded areas but doubt you will ever see a full lawn look good with dymondia. It has great promise but after a year using it I am disappointed and a fairly good gardener

  • GrumpyOldMan 4 years ago

    Love dymondia. Have it in my front yard in SoCal too.

  • Freya Love 4 years ago

    Hi Michele, Where did you get the plugs or seeds. I am living in south Florida. Thanks

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