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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Get Yours Here: There are many legends of the divine Resurrection Plant…. There are many different flowers on earth that are renowned for their beauties and colorful appearance. The Resurrection Plant, is the kind of rose that has many legends passed from generation to generation. This rose is often associated with the life of Christ. One legend says the Resurrection Plant continued to flourish all through the life of Christ but died when he was crucified. The Resurrection Plant came back to life after the resurrection of Christ. It was strongly believed that the blossom of this rose reflected the earth’s joy for the having back Christ. Thus, this unique rose is referred as the Resurrection flower (because of its remarkable transition from being a dead, brown ball – so it appears – into a green and lush plant, within only a few hours!). Apart from the great legends of this Resurrection rose, this plant has its own unique characteristics. Physically, it may seem less attractive, compared to many other rose plants. But you should not forget, that this is a desert plant, and not an ordinary rose. To survive in deserts, these plants have lots of branches that form a tight ball whenever in dry condition. By the time the rose finds some water, it will spread out the branches and show it’s magnificence as it reclaims its life. How to care for the Resurrection Plant There’s not much you can do wrong when taking care of your Resurrection Plant plant! • Still, there are a few simple things you should consider: • If warm water is used to revive the plants, the transition is much faster • Do not leave the plant in the water for […]

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