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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote It is Day three of our succulent garden installation in Tustin! Comment down below your favorite part of the installation so far! Video Rating: / 5


  • Wonderful channel, will use these videos in the future.

  • Jo Marie Lopez 5 months ago

    Watching a second time!!! Always learning something new!!

  • Jo Marie Lopez 5 months ago

    You are so right about edging with rock instead of that plastic strip! When I saw the two next to each other it really drove that idea home!

  • Stan TheObserver 5 months ago

    If that was my yard..has to have a fishpond in there someplace. Otherwise,a great garden to be.

  • Stan TheObserver 5 months ago

    For over forty years I 've been adding plants from 6" pots or gallon size,toss in a few cuttings stuck in the ground and non succulents from seed-lol. Never had the great luxury of big plants or even more fantastic,big plants when I want them. I usually bought things like Christmas day surprises.I never knew what I would find at a nursery.
    But I tell you all,I hit the mega lotto? I'm out buying the Huntington and Amazon HQ's greenhouse combined! I like instant gratification gardens looking down at those. Saves your clients decades of mistakes too.

  • Are these cactus on a drip system or hand watered?
    If on drip, how long and how often?

  • Treasures of Plantz 5 months ago

    Nice Interesting border line with rock's !

  • IRENE RAMIREZ 5 months ago

    I wish u would do DIYs video…. More on showing how you do the planting and less talk…

  • patricia blouw 5 months ago

    W00000W, MAGIC!!!!

  • I LOVE Cacti…its like a cactus oasis there.

  • Patricia Ramírez 5 months ago

    OMG! In love!

  • Monica Pina 5 months ago

    That Mammillaria! Wow!!

  • Jac Davis 5 months ago


  • Manuela Gilo 5 months ago

    Hi! Absolutely stunning!

  • Brandon Eier 5 months ago

    It looks great. It's looks fantastic. Such a cool spacious garden. Love Xero blend

  • firouzeh j. 5 months ago

    Question about watering aloes. I bought few Aloe Cameroniis to plant in places with no automated irrigation access. Do I need to water them manually from time to time? If so how often. I'm on the boarder of Sunset zone 15 and 17, 9b. Aloes are still green.

  • Oooh? I thought the soil should have drainage, opposite of being fine. I'll take note.

  • Mel P 5 months ago

    I….LOVE…..IT!!! Laura gives me all of my succulent inspiration. I call her "The Succulent Superhero"

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