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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote We look forward to seeing you soon! With 80 acres of outdoor space to explore, you are free to social distance while enjoying over 55 gorgeous gardens and visiting the nearly 500 unique desert animals within the Park. So, come enjoy an early morning walk and visit with the animals. Don’t forgot to check out the brand-new Australian Adventures exhibit, where you’ll be able to walkabout with the wallabies and experience the incredible land down under. Know that we are prioritizing safety. Some modifications have been made to the Park, as well as changes in policy, in accordance with CDC and state guidelines to ensure the health of all guests, staff, and animals. For a full list of updates, please check before your visit. Video Rating: / 5


  • Cookie4XO 1 month ago

    FULL PRICE TICKETS + MANY CLOSED ATTRACTIONS + MASK = FAIL = WE WILL PASS. Having a mask while outside walking around in the desert WITH social distancing will make this place unbearable (at zoo's you're usually 12-24 ft away from other guests anyway, and at limited capacity guests will be even further from each other). This sounds like people's breathing will be in jeopardy and no children could bear this heat+mask+walking in the hot sun. We are coming to the area for 4th of July weekend, and no way we would walk around outdoors with masks. Even while running errands in the AM in the Arizona desert, as soon as you hit the outside blast of oven air, you need to rip the mask off. Guess we will catch you guys next time, and I hope the paramedics are nearby to assist elderly and young guests who could potentially collapse while wearing masks in the desert heat.

  • MSSC73 1 month ago

    I truly love the living desert. Having said that, we will not return until the arbitrary, unsafe(especially with the heat), and generally unhealthy mask requirement is removed. The unidirectional movement in the outdoor park is a control mechanism not based on any sort of common sense whatsoever. I imagine you shall have many heat related emergencies directly due to your mask requirement. And, paying for a limited experience, should allow for a reduced entry fee, not the same or more. As good as the volunteers and the employees are, truly, this farce prevents my family, especially in the face of the politics which have been perpetually promoting and dividing us out of fear first and true data second, from willingly spending what money we have to actively participate in this experience. We appreciate the park, but will not be visiting this or any theme park despite our desires, until common sense reigns again.

  • Paul Sanders 1 month ago

    So glad to see you are opening at last! I'm a little surprised about the mask requirement given the huge amount of open spaces and the fact that we don't need to that at the beach or the park. But better safe than sorry I suppose and if it means you get to open, then why not start that way. I hope to see you real soon.

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