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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote – This is what gets me excited, this crazy awesome Zoysia Grass. So Brokers Quality Turf Grass is where I buy a ton of my grass. If you buy a, you know, need a square or two or one pallet, and you’re doing it yourself, this is where you’ll want to come as well. But they’re crazy about Zoysia Grasses too. And there’s a lot of different types and varieties of Zoysia Grasses. My favorite is the Zeon and the Palisade Zoysia. But checkout all the types of Zoysia they’re carrying over here. We’re just going to go down the line, okay? So, this is called El Toro, it’s a medium blade grass. If you get a close up look over here, you can tell that it’s a medium blade grass, as opposed to right here, is some called L1F. This is the like a dwarf fine blade. Stinking beautiful. I know there’s a couple of weeds in here, but if you just look at how short this stuff is. This is some sick looking, awesome fine blade dwarf grass. Next, we have Crowne Zoysia. Crowne Zoysia is another medium blade grass. And you can see Palisades, this is what we usually buy. So Crowne and Palisades, you can’t even tell the difference. I’ll have to look at the specifics on the specs of why, you know, the two different grasses. But Palisades is by far our number two seller, next to Zeon. And Zeon’s right here. So, this is a fine blade grass that we sell the most of. So, you see this Zeon. Let’s go back and compare this Zeon to the L1F over here. L1F, that’s a different name, I wonder if that’s the same as Trinity Zoysia Grass. […]


  • Sutatip Tritachaigoon 5 months ago

    Have you heard about the Cashmere zoysia ?what is the difference between both please advise because i m planning to water in my backyard in South Miami?

  • Mr. Santiago 5 months ago

    Good afternoon ….. I am writing because I have zoysia grass and it has almost completely dried up. We pour him water all week and his vitamins and it has not helped. What can I do or what do you recommend? Thank you

  • Shikhar Dixit 5 months ago

    Sir you can tell me how korean grass seeds look like and how can i buy online to get delivery in india?

  • San J 5 months ago

    Horrible camera person

  • Sarah Bruno 5 months ago

    This is good information… I just wish that the person with the camera was a bit steadier and focused (slower) on the actual grass so we can see the blade thickness, denseness, health, color, height, etc. I am trying to determine which zoysia grass I am going to plant, but it is just too difficult to see what I need in this video… I kept wanting to grab the camera and go back to look at the grasses closer and steadier. Did you perhaps make another video that talks about the same (or similar) aspects of zoysia? Or perhaps, would you consider making another so we can see the different zoysia grasses a little bit better? I know this was posted last year, but maybe… ?

  • dustin siegrist 5 months ago

    This is a VERY helpful video. I was looking a getting sod in DFW and this really helped!

  • Don't Keep Up With The Joneses 5 months ago

    I fell in love with this grass however it wouldnt grow in my yard.

  • dietrevich 5 months ago

    What's wrong with the cameraman?? Man you can't even look at the grass which is the whole point of the video.

  • Jon Johnson 5 months ago

    Good video. Thanks for your opinion. Please ditch the music in future videos

  • Andrew G 5 months ago

    Which quality is better, zeon zoysia or zoysia japonica ?

  • Elliott Osowitt 5 months ago

    Please turn off the music. It overruns you’re words like a weed over runs a lawn.

  • Clay Green 5 months ago

    I started last year with Palisades and actually finished my project today. Very happy with it and its versatility. I like the way it can look like fescue if you let it grow long or you can keep it short. About 20 miles south of charlotte, nc, and fescue just can't take the heat.

  • Are you in Dallas, TX? Which fine blade one is more shade tolerant, like under a tree? How much per pallet?

  • Ling Ling Tindell 5 months ago

    Which type of zoysia grows on a tropical hot weather? thanks..

  • David Hill 5 months ago

    Do you know anything about Zorro Zoysia? I'm in Fort Worth and its the best i can find. Are Zeon and Zorro similar?

  • Harvey Ibarra 5 months ago

    Which one is the softest to walk on. My wife wants soft on your feet not spiky or prickly.

  • Ty Williams 5 months ago

    Fire your cameraman

  • David Barker 5 months ago

    Great advice, terrible camerawork!

  • UglyWeeds Texas 5 months ago

    Great video. Ill share it with my Uglyweeds customers

  • (Greenville SC) I’m thinking about growing/planting a certain zoysia seed in our lawn. We have Bermuda, but it’s dying in the shady areas ( gets 4 hours of sun) so we laid caviler zoysia thin blade sod in those areas. My question is what type of zoysia seed can I throw into the Bermuda sod (save $ instead of sod)
    That matches the caviler (sun/shade)

  • Lewis Waithaka Mwangi 5 months ago

    sh 40 per litre, that's good

  • Lamech Mwinuka 5 months ago

    Where can l get brachiaria grass seed?

  • tuforu4 5 months ago


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