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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote July is upon us and that means we are nearly through the tough part of summer in Zone9b. During the first part of July our planting calendar is similar to last month, however once we roll over the 15th of the month our fall planting begins. This is our second chance at several things that may not have been a win for us this past spring/summer. Today, I also chat with you about some lessons I have learned about growing flowers. You might be focused on growing food solely at this time. However, it’s equally important to grow flowers that will attract bees to your garden. If your garden is suffering from multiple pollination issues the answer is flowers that will attract pollinators. The more flowers I grow the more bees that visit our garden. #WhatYouCanPlantInJuly #WhatYouCanPlantInJulyZone9b #WhatYouCanPlantInJulyDesertGarden #ExtremeHeatGardening #ExtremeHeatGardenPlanting #DesertGarden #FallDesertGardenPlanning #HowToGardenInArizona #ArizonaVegetableGarden #ArizonaGardeningTips #ArizonaVegetableGarden Video Rating: / 5


  • Evangeline Ramos 1 month ago

    Happy 4th of July everybody. I saved the video till I had time to watch it. So today is the day. Love your videos All Purpose Mom. I'm in Texas but closer to Midland Odessa area and it's about 100* today. So your information is helpful.

  • Awakenthemasses2016 the truth 1 month ago

    I have over 10 bean plants that I started months ago and still don't have beans?! I get blossoms and everything but no beans. What am I doing wrong?

  • FTDrake 1 month ago

    have the girls pull up the goat horns

  • Ashely Michael 1 month ago

    Im doing tomatoes in a indoor greenhouse so exited i have something to plant in season

  • Cindy Villarreal 1 month ago

    Thank you so much! Wasn't it beautiful this morning! Not even too much smoke.

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