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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote September is the signal for fall planting and cole crop season. Cole crops include a whole host of leafy greens from brussels sprouts to arugula. Even though it’s quite warm now in Arizona this family of plants begins really small and takes quite a while to grow. My game plan is to succession plant throughout the season. We will chat more about that next week. I am so pleased with how my garden looks. It really gives me great hope for a really successful fall garden. What are your favorite brassicas? #WhatYouCanPlantInSeptember #ArizonaFallGardenPlantingGuide #WhatYouCanPlantFallGardenArizona #ArizonaVegetableGardenFall #FallDesertGarden #ColeCropPlantingInArizona #FallGardeningArizona #Zone9bSeptemberPlantingGuide #WhatYouCanPlantZone9bSeptember #WhatYouCanPlantInSeptemberInPhoenixAZ Video Rating: / 5 Wild Arizona! reveals little known details, busts erroneous myths, and explores the relationship of Arizona’s plants and animals with their human neighbors. From the survival strategies of the Ocotillo, to the social behavior of the Javelina, to the ever mesmerizing and colorful hummingbirds, this is a journey of discovery and wonderment in the wildest state in the nation…Wild Arizona! Video Rating: / 5


  • jessica Foster 1 month ago

    I just moved to arizona. Any suggestions on the best, inexpensive soil to start my garden bed?

  • Sheila Fade 1 month ago

    What is the calendula?

  • Sheila Fade 1 month ago

    Nice sunflowers

  • Sheila Fade 1 month ago


  • Team Benson 1 month ago

    Awww I'm going to start strawberries I tried it in the spring last year and I only got 3 lol

  • FTDrake 1 month ago

    Glad you're giving Leon's wicking tubs a try. I really like them down here in the high desert. The boy just planted a bunch of flowers in two of the Walmart muck bucket wicking tubs. He's excited too.

  • I am really interested in some of your Cherokee purple tomato plants.

  • Cindy Longoria 1 month ago

    I'm so jealous I've tried in my desert area with all the wild life I'm wasting my money they eat it all before it even has a chance to grow. I've done vegetables and fruit and sunflowers. I'm wondering if you can do a video on how to keep critters away maybe the types of vegetation like onions for sure but I want cucumbers tomatoes chili and the gophers are horrible or desert rats. I don't have a fence yet around my yard. Maybe I need to plant herbs. HEEELLLLPPP!!!

  • Original Turtle 1 month ago

    Hi garden is looking good and will grow better as the weather cools down.. I would like tomato plants if you don’t mind

  • Awakenthemasses2016 the truth 1 month ago

    I just may need to take you up on getting some tomatoes! I bought a few transplants from the nursery and six of them have died in the heat. I assume it's because they were in the greenhouse at the nursery and I'm terrible at hardening off anything because I don't have the patience lol. I've had much more success at planting from seed so they are accustomed to the heat. I'm very excited about the zinnias I planted and I have sunflowers too! I don't think mine will get as tall as they should since they are in raised beds but I do have a couple in the ground so we will see. My husband is going to install a watering system like you guys have, so thank you to you and your husband for the great idea ☺️. I'm super excited for fall so I can get a better harvest. I'm hoping the flowers will bring bees and help with pollination.

  • CAPITAL AYAN 1 month ago

    Beautiful garden and nice information

  • Jacqueline Iversen 1 month ago

    Things are looking great in your garden already. I would love to try a pear tomatoes if you have extra please. Planning on planting all the September list tuesday for this full moon on Wednesday. Fall gardens are the best here for sure.

  • Arizona - Things About The State of Arizona 1 month ago

    Arizona Sucks sweaty balls.
    Like if you agree.

  • Sandra Tessem 1 month ago

    Great video

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