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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Today’s video is when and where to start trimming your desert roses…….. and don’t forget we are shipping desert roses anywhere in the United States if you would like to order please call my phone at 19414571172 ❤️ Maria’s Garden Video Rating: / 5


  • Chuang Judy 1 year ago

    Thank you, Maria ! Warm greetings from Taiwan 🙂

  • Marcia orozco 1 year ago

    María I love your tips! Always trim the plant with flowers???? I have a very large one, and is blooming beautiful! And it has pot of seeds, I think she has a lot of arms, do I need to trimming them, or should wait the seeds are out? Ohhh and I just transplanted my desert rose is HUGE and I don’t want to stress her more, what you recommend me? I wish you could see her!!! Kisses from México! Ahh and in my hometown hardly we have winter is always hot and humid like Florida , raining seasons is June to September

  • llushyn1 1 year ago

    Your plants are beautiful! So glad to hear you're in Punta Gorda because I'm in Fort Myers. Where is your store so I can visit. Thanks in advance!

  • Tallulah TwoSocks 1 year ago

    BlahBlahBlah, I ❤️ you!

  • Konad B 1 year ago

    Hi Madam Maria, I just love you. Why? Because I received tonne of knowledge from you. Thank you very much madam.

  • mr garden 1 year ago

    Maria mam, I have done pruning on my adneium plant… But it still not growing.. New leafes…..what can be the problem……??
    I have done pruning before 18 days…

  • John Martin 1 year ago

    Thanks Maria . Today I've learned a lot about caring for my Desert Roses . Your VDO is easy to understand and your explanation simple . I live in Australia ( Queensland ) and it is very hot in summer .Your plants are beautiful . Thanks a lot Maria …

  • Om Prakash Solanki 1 year ago

    Can u please make a video or give me its link if already made about its soil composition, type of pot for this plant, what fertiliser to use, when to water it, in what times in year to prune, when to repot it etc
    I will be very thankfull to have these information from one of the experienced planter

  • Frances Gregorio 1 year ago

    Hello Maria! I have a 6 month old adenium. I was wondering when should i prune it for the first time?

  • Carmelo Galiza Desert Rat 1 year ago

    Thank you Maria… I am really hooked with your videos.. you are smart, witty and funny… I call you my desert rose nurse…. I love everything about you and your love of desert roses… watching your videos has improved my knowledge how to take care of my 4 desert roses… I just received one on line and I bought a shallow Chinese porcelain pot to plant in it… is it okay to plant them in the Chinese pots ..I can see that most of your desert Rose are planted on clay pots and those black vinyl pots..

  • Zuety Guerrero 1 year ago

    Hi Maria I would like to buy a desert rose I live in California

  • Senorita Dennis 1 year ago

    Im living in Jamaica what time of the year can I repot my desert

  • MSCJ S 1 year ago

    Hello Maria!!

    Watching from South Africa!

    Really enjoy your channel!

  • Margarita Jones 1 year ago

    Maria I like to by desert Rosas from you I live on California please tellme how can I order please give me you number

  • Margaret Rose 1 year ago

    I bought my first desert rose today, and I am so glad to see your videos, you are a great teacher!

  • 62fastcar 1 year ago

    Hi Maria! Another great video. I’m learning a lot from you. What age is the desert rose when you start trimming it? I have two desert roses that are about one year old.

  • Paul Beattie 1 year ago

    Thank you my friend great video on when and how to prune!!

  • Jesus Hurtado 1 year ago

    Maria, from all of your desert roses what variety, color, blooms the most?
    For example, the double layer flowers vs the single petal, or what color, etc.. ur answer would be very helpful.
    Hugs !

  • The Succulent Greenhouse 1 year ago

    Hi Maria!!!

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