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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Here’s my current recommendation on where to buy pure, well identified San Pedro (Trichocereus Pachanoi) seeds and seedlings, as well as seeds and seedlings of other sacred cacti. Just click on the following link to discover the store and all the items for sale: In order to buy from this marketplace, you will need to download OpenBazaar on your computer or Haven on your phone, as explained in the video. ================================ If you have OpenBazaar already installed in your computer and want access the store directly without using the search engine, please copy and paste the following address in the address field of OpenBazaar (which is NOT the address field of your web browser!!): ob://QmSacNAXJuRGeWSvJLM8en655GxAr1hWLoy6HNDgnnWB24/store ================================ You can email me at: Please no questions about the psychedelic properties of these cacti, just cultivation etc. Video Rating: / 5


  • Harry Morgan 3 months ago

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  • Yar Yar 3 months ago

    Hi I'm trying to make an order with you. Are you still selling? Are there many left?

  • Mathew & Sophie Dagg 3 months ago

    Hi mate, I just tried to order but it says you do not ship to Australia, can I get around this?

  • SetTheCurve 3 months ago

    Just a heads up: currently your links are broken for your buying advice on most of your other videos.

  • ANDREW DUNTON 3 months ago

    Hi friend I am interested in making another purchase from you but on the open bazaar has two stores that come up. Are they both yours or is the other a copy cat scammer?

  • ROD Sculpture 3 months ago

    Hi, Jerry, very good video. I sent you an email, I have questions and need your help. Thanks in advance

  • Joshua Hicks 3 months ago

    Cash app has bit coin and Jerry is awesome. I live in the USA also. Thank you for everything you do man.

  • Guy Tillen 3 months ago

    In USA cuttings are plentiful at

  • ZDog BigIsland 3 months ago

    I love these videos, but if you are in the USA and dont want to deal with bitcoin, just order from There you will find the best pure trichocereus and hybrids, all named cultivars and hand pollinated. Find Ogun hybrids, pure Pachanoi, Peruvianus and Bridgesii and more. Even a pure pachanoi can be far from what you want. Best to do your research and find seeds from reputable cultivars bred with reputable cultivars.

  • Skill KeBab 3 months ago

    U can buy cactus from zamnesia too, its maybe more expensive, but its really profesional, so u cant really get scam, u can send ur package in a station or something if u dont want the package to go to ur home. But actually, i dont know this website, i will check, they may have some great stuf, btw, i live in a small appartment in france near the mediteranen sea, and i dont have the direct light from the sun, it was to know if i can adopt a small williams cactus? Or if he will die really quick

  • Taydrum 3 months ago

    I'd love to order some. I'm concerned however that the seedlings won't survive the long trip and customs (+1 month) in the dark.

  • khawass 3 months ago

    Hello may I suggest a video? How and where to cut san pedro and other cacti to replant them. I had a san pedro with two children on the top and was told I could cut them and replant each separately or cut the mother where they were growing and plant them together. also in a video you state that the longer the san pedro bit you replant, the bigger are the children…in short: a video on how to cut cacti in order to replant them….thanks so much for the highly professional videos! I just bought from your store btw;)

  • Anthony Linker 3 months ago

    Hey can you do a full garden tour of all of your cactus?

  • A Green 3 months ago

    Open bazaar no thanks

  • Scott M 3 months ago

    Very awesome. But how does OpenBazaar make money to pay for its support and development? Are the developers paying for the hosting out of their own pockets and supporting it free of charge like for charity?

  • MRKWA 3 months ago

    great video, as always! 🙂

  • 1wasser bitte 3 months ago

    Hey my Cactus friend. Do you have a telegram channel also? Would share cacti photos. Greetings from bavaria

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