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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote John from answers your gardening questions including: Do Chilean Guava Berries require Acidic Soil? Why Don’t You Grow Potatoes in Your Garden? Can I grow a Vegetable Garden in Tucson Arizona? Is there too much Sun? Will Diatomaceous Earth hurt the earthworms and soil microorganisms? How can I keep cats out of my garden so they don’t use it as a litter box? Can I add crushed calcium vitamins into my garden? Video Rating: / 5 A short tour of our modular gardening center which is made from repurposed wood shipping crates Video Rating: / 5


  • Roger Wiley 4 years ago

    This guy is great! My sister moved to Colorado and used his tips & advice on horticulture to help grow the cannabis & stevia (natural sweetner) medicine which turned her uterine cancer into self destruct mode as according to the doctors and she might still have the ability to carry babies :). Please keep these vids coming sir, Thank You, ,,Zak

  • Mimi Rutler 4 years ago

    Did you know that you can live on potatoes alone? (well maybe you'd need some B 12) They are extremely nutritious. It's all the oil and junk people put on them that makes them calorie dense. Also, they satisfy hunger like almost nothing else. Try it!!! :)

  • Christina freeman 4 years ago

    Where do you get your seeds from

  • carol b 4 years ago

    what year are you living in 1969 ? 10 pounds potatoes for a dollar try 7 dollars for 5 pounds Yukon gold

  • SilverConquistador 4 years ago

    Arizona is like growing plants inside an oven.

  • raul canchola 4 years ago

    "or i may not answer it" hahaha that was funny as shit.

  • overlycreative1 4 years ago

    John, I'm smiling. Last year I just put a few potatoes in around my bee hives and forgot about them. Lo and behold, one day I'm out there and I see these small round rocks protruding through the soil. Wondering where did these come from? Imagine my surprise when I found them to be the baby spuds of my forgotten sowing. I definitely know the logic behind bang for buck on planting the best plants possible. However, since that time, my bees have provided, honey, wax, pollen. My trees provide an abundance of varied citrus, avocados, peaches, nectarines, apricots, plum and more. Tomatoes and Onions around the yard, herbs here and there amongst the trees, pears over there. I raise superworms for my Orpington, Delaware, Australorp and next week I add a Maran to the girls. The idea of a chocolate colored egg shell just thrills me. Why do I point this out? Because John, don't fail to understand why we do all this, not sometimes to say, how can I learn to accept a No but rather how can I find the yes that makes me happy. I tell you, some don't have the skills to do it all, but anyone can grow a potato, even if you don't mind it. It's the baby steps that make one happiest. Just look at the movie THE MARTIAN, I had something in common with that character. I grew a potato. I'll never go to the moon or to Mars, but I can conquer my little space on planet Earth. In your face Neil Armstrong.

  • Missy Rabbit 4 years ago

    I live in zone 8, caliche soil on the alkaline side. My pomegranates grow, but do not put out fruit. My figs, plums and pears do not put out fruit. I plant in compost. what am I doing wrong?

  • Robert Huffman 4 years ago


  • whisperingsage 4 years ago

    Purple potatoes, and red, there are some red all the way through.

  • shadfurman 4 years ago

    I made a mixture of urine, tobasco sauce and soap to keep the dear from eating the sunflowers (man they like sunflowers) and that seemed to keep the cats away too. You can get coyote and wolf urine, but since I was shooting to just keep deer away I just used mine, maybe I have particularly predatory urine, but its free and ample supply (I hope) so might as well try that first.

  • Bill Astell 4 years ago

    Store bought potatoes are terrible compared to spuds grown in an organic garden.   I like spuds and have space so I grow hem even though store bought are sooo cheap.

  • Carol Wiggins 4 years ago

    Hi, John u should know I am in love with you. I am a Gardner I have a raised veggie garden. You have helped me immensely.i watch your webinars just to relax. A question. What do u suggest for winter crops. For Southern California. Happy new year.

  • Jesse R 4 years ago

    I feel if he was a Pokémon he'd be called a "in my opinion" Pokémon because he repeats the shit out of that word xD

  • Nathan Rhinesmith 4 years ago

    Hey John, you have so many videos now that I'm just seeing this one from 3 yrs ago. Just wanted you to know that I did in fact buy Jerusalem artichokes from you! Based on your advice I built a 2ft x 5ft x 18in raised bed to keep them contained but give them plenty of room to grow. The 1st and 2nd seasons I grew them were awesome and I harvested tons of delicious sunchokes! After moving due to divorce they were left unattended and uncared for for the past couple of years. However, I went to my ex-wife's house just a week ago and rescued every sunchoke I could find. To my surprise I dug up literally hundreds of sunchokes!! I bought a home this year with a huge yard and plan on growing more sunchokes than I know what to do with!! Thank you again John for all you do to educate and share your experiences! You rock! BTW, I also purchased scarlett runner beans and walking stick kale seeds from you years ago too. I had a lot of success with both and will be planting the descendant seeds of the ones I got from you next spring.

  • Mohd Kamil 4 years ago

    I grow asparagus, bell peppers and corn which are the expensive veggies in my part of the world….especially asparagus

  • Ben Williams 4 years ago

    anita gofradump hahaha

  • Michel Cernev 4 years ago

    Thank you John. It's all good, and very educational but I still think that the Potatoes, are a great source of vitamin C, and fiber too. Lets not forget 1945 German occupation in Russia WWII, Potatoes saved Russians populations from starvation. Home-grown potatoes are delicious.

  • Sandra Citelly 4 years ago

    well my frien you make videos for the public..that people will like to see you grow potatoes me or maybe you don"t have time to tell us how you grow potatoes….

  • James and Ayla Dodge 4 years ago

    Deep frying or frying potatoes in heavy oil will make them highly caloric.  By themselves, potatoes are incredibly nutritious, one of the ten most nutritious vegetables.  I think it is really smart to grow them yourself, even though they are cheap to buy, because of how many toxins you'll find on conventional potatoes.  Most commercial potato growers are spraying toxins every 5 days to keep them blemish and pest free.  This is also super terrible for the environment.  So definitely a good thing to grow in your home garden.

  • nanasgoodies 4 years ago

    I live in Tucson on the NW side.  Where are you?  I'd LOVE to get some of those crates and see your garden.  Love what you've done!

  • ctscubagirl 4 years ago

    LOL, it was a surprise to us just how resourceful these critters are! Even with all the preparations we still get a critter or two stealing our goodies from time to time.

    Since we posted this video I've made an Aquaponic setup and turned half of the garden center into grow beds for it. I've posted a few videos for it here under ctscubagirl (my wife's account).

  • bluediamond2077 4 years ago

    good video . I live in picture rocks and had a heck of a time learning to fight the critters out here. It took 300feet of hardwear cloth to protect my garden and home .

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