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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote This season covers almost 20 Common Wild Edibles: How to identify them, Where to find them, and How to eat them! Yum! Table of Contents: 1. Dandelion Coffee 2. Cedar Tea 3. Sumac- Bush Lemonade 4. Chicory Coffee 5. Mint Tea & Iced Tea 6. Mint Dessert 7. Primitive Bread (Part 1)- Flour Substitutes 8. Primitive Bread (Part 2)- The Binder 9. Primitive Bread (Part 3)- Finished Product 10. Wild Grass Seeds 11. Plantain Ointment 12. Wild Apple Cider 13. Wild Apple Syrup 14. Wild Grape Juice 15. Hawthorn Berries 16. Mustard Garlic Plant 17. Mustard Garlic Vinaigrette 18. Black Walnuts 19. Rose Hip Tea 20. Yellow Birch Tea Video Rating: / 5


  • Chip McClain 11 months ago

    thanks for a great bunch of informative videos.really enjoyed watching them!!

  • evry1tookem 11 months ago

    New sub but I've been looking for something like this. Good stuff

  • Poplar and Pine 11 months ago

    For the cedar tea, if you boil the water first, then add the leaves after it's been removed from the fire the tea will have a much higher vit C content.

  • Daniel Moreno 11 months ago

    cool job 2017

  • The Bohemian Hobbit 11 months ago

    as an herbalist, this may well be my favorite video.

  • Sam Taylor 11 months ago

    great video. where do you get your knowledge from?

  • tippersmami 11 months ago


  • Papa'sFatCat 11 months ago

    Do you know if red cedar can be used the same as white cedar? In southeast Missouri we have a lot of red cedar. Thanks

  • Alix Snyder 11 months ago

    I would recommend raw honey or raw sugar if you like your sweetness. Processed sugar is no bueno.

  • TheWolfmanG 11 months ago

    Bring a bandanna … its easier then using your shirt

  • Taylor Albrecht 11 months ago

    What knife is that you use in all of your videos?

  • tnman23 11 months ago

    "I didn't like the taste of goldenrod before, but tasting this bread made with me made me hate it even more!" I laughed out loud at that one!

  • Nathan Taffijn 11 months ago

    Easy to find eggs which you can use with them you do not need flour.

  • Robyn Deshotel 11 months ago

    Thanks for doing the hard work for us to learn about these wild edibles.

  • Emma Frost 11 months ago

    I'm interested in this lifestyle but I fear I might eat the wrong plant.

  • Corey Scanlan 11 months ago

    When your a heavy metal fan but you have an amazing knowledge of plants

  • Susan Brown 11 months ago

    These plants you show are all very common to my views when i walk in the fields and all the times i have seen them when i was a child hiking in the woods near my home. Free healthy food with no pesticides. Walking by them all these years without a clue. till now. I subscribed. Thank you

  • TheFashionbugs 11 months ago

    Acorn flour will make a cook-able (quite good) cake with only water added

  • Jaiden Rodriguez 11 months ago

    in Kansas we just need wheat for bread

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