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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote According to the package, this plant will return to life in only three hours! It turns out this claim is completely true. However, the plant was alive the whole time. Selaginella lepidophylla (aka the Dinosaur Plant) is a very unique plant. It’s a desert plant, native to the Chihuahuan Desert, that is specialized in “returning to life.” Basically this plant goes into a dehydrated state when exposed to dry conditions, until stimulated by water. With enough moisture the plant will return to its true form in about three hours time… Incredible! I am fascinated by plants and this one is no exception. If you want to see more plant highlight videos, leave a comment below. I will choose ones that a lot of people like (assuming you liked this video). For additional content like this, projects sneak peeks and more, follow me on Instagram @SerpaDesign. Video Rating: / 5


  • Solena Rift 10 months ago

    Plants are fascinating, but I did find this one a tad above. Didn't even know such plant even existed. I love to learn new things.

  • David Camarena 10 months ago

    I had seen these before

  • Keanu S 10 months ago

    I read you can snip pieces of it,try making a terrarium with them incorporated into

  • This is great I would love to see a terrarium build video for this plant !

  • snickothemule 10 months ago

    "and now I have two plants, so you can never have enough plants"

    Watching these little things grow is so intriguing and satisfying.

  • Edryl Jay 10 months ago

    Is that a kind of moss?

  • New brittany Tan 10 months ago

    Why does it say made in the usa

  • N Neichan 10 months ago

    What kind of conditions would it thrive in? Is the dehydration a necessary part of its life cycle?

  • Bacon Fat 10 months ago

    u should start a carnivorous plant hobby

  • William wijaya 10 months ago

    Cool!!!! Hibernating

  • Jason Maldonado 10 months ago

    I have started my own little terr..and i gotta ask do u have an instagram so i can post photos for you too see

  • Odalys Vega 10 months ago

    i have one in my room rn and i didn’t know anything about it

  • Minerva Hernandez 10 months ago

    I need to get one WERE DO THEY SELL THEM!!!! TELL ME THIS ISTANTE!!!!

  • YeppyNope 10 months ago

    A moss comes back to life in just seconds

  • MrBlackKnight 2005 10 months ago

    Wow thanks so much I’m buying one

  • Kiko P. 10 months ago

    In my country is very common (spain) and it is called "the Jerico rose" and people believe you have tu put one in water when a pregnant woman starts to give birth, so it opens at the very end of the birth of the child

  • petrMN 10 months ago


  • Keats Mcgee 10 months ago

    If you found similar plants you could do some kind of "pop-up" terrarium. Just add water and it goes from wasteland to forest

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