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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote John from takes you on a winter garden tour in the Las Vegas. In this episode you will learn what crops grew over the past summer in the Las Vegas desert. You will also learn which vegetables are still producing and what new plants are being planted for the winter time. Finally you will learn about John’s new favorite tomato variety to grow in the desert and his new favorite herb and much, much more. Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • corporatejungles 7 years ago

    Hey I thought all the Global Warming nut jobs say it is getting? warmer so why can’t you get two crops a year? It’s warmer right?

  • corporatejungles 7 years ago

    My chickens go nuts over horn worms. I always hope they get them just so I can treat my chickens. My husband can’t see them but I have good eyes and can pick them off in the day!?

  • MsChrystalr 7 years ago

    Awesome!! I moved to Vegas 4 months ago? and I’m very excited to have discovered your videos! Thank you for sharing all of this information with us 😀 <3

  • rusteddan74 7 years ago

    I like your channel but your ad before this video was how AIG was a great company. It really rubbed me the wrong way. I know you most likely have? no input on the ads before your videos but if I keep seeing the big corporate companys on here I am done with this channel and youtube as a whole. I am sick of the finance companys and the oil companys telling us how great they are.

  • CavemanGrow 7 years ago

    At the end talking about Omega-3? (Perilla or shiso) Search wikipedia
    and Keep on Growing on. to get seeds try kitazawaseed and johnnyseeds

  • Heather Wingfield 7 years ago

    I’m down in East Texas and I’ve got some of? that purple ‘ornamental’ kale too (right now I’ve got just that and garlic) planted it right around Halloween, they’re two feet across, and sooooo yummy now that we’ve had our first freeze!

  • David Olsson 7 years ago

    I think the word you’re? looking for is “myriad.” Love your videos; I’m a long-time viewer.

  • lumpiathief 7 years ago

    Thanks for? the tips bro!

  • bray0671 7 years ago

    What happened to the hawian tropic tomato plant mine did quite well this year also the black cherry? and the best was Juliet

  • iliankatrin 7 years ago

    For you other Bulgarian fans it is called “chorbadjiiska” maybe someone knows the translation.?

  • iliankatrin 7 years ago

    The Bulgarian pepper are very thin and long and kind of curly. They are not big, just long.?

  • eyeta2 7 years ago

    Thanks for another great vid. Had a great first? garden this past year thanks to you, and still getting tomatoes here in South Texas in December. New stuff to try this Spring !

  • iminidaho2004 7 years ago

    LOL, Jon, you said My-Drid (Its Mirror-e-Edd)
    p.s. Love your videos, I? can’t spell so we are even…

  • jo232409 7 years ago

    If you’re having problems with buggers on your plants, and you want alternative to pesticides, try going a couple tobacco plants. Tobacco has a natural property where it attracts all sorts of buggers.? Obviously, you don’t have to smoke the tobacco, or do anything with it besides use it as a companion plant. Tobacco is fairly easy to grow, and you just let it go through it’s life cycle.

  • Emma Olivia 7 years ago

    Gardening is my Hobby hope your tips help me ?

  • growingyourgreens 7 years ago

    I normally leave cabbage in as long as possible. The cabbage that I pulled out was not doing well with? pests and was root bound when it was planted in the first place..

  • happybuddyperson 7 years ago

    Purslane is the highest source of omega 3 from anything, and it is a succulent, weedy? species.

  • rskurow 7 years ago

    Where did you ever get the idea to show one back yard full of rocks and then compare it to a? back yard full of garden ….. genus!

  • Sasha Lemay 7 years ago

    My favorite? channel on youtube!

  • loui0008 7 years ago

    Love your very? informative, inspirational vids, John, thank you so much!

  • Schwartz- mans 7 years ago

    You mentioned around 4 min that you pulled out the cabbage. I thought cabbage was a perennial? Do you plant them every season? I’ve been leaving them in and just harvesting leaves as needed (they do produce a round head eventually, but not? my favorite part)

  • ka ying moua 7 years ago

    John I? love your vid thank you.

  • Derek Paul Doucette 7 years ago

    i just love how a simple taste brings that big smile and a chuckle out of him. and i can relate, i used all his methods this year including rock dust minerals, and it makes a huge i am looking to relocate? from NH to where i can grow my own greens YEAR AROUND…i went 100% raw on independence day this year after going 100% processed food free on feb 18th…now i get it…

  • Daniel Manahan 7 years ago

    I? thought flax had by far the highest omega 3 with nothing coming close.

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