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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote December update of the Winter Vegetable Garden in Phoenix, Arizona. Everything is done Veganically (without the use of animal products – no manure, blood meal etc) and Organically (no chemical fertilizers or pesticides). Check out my band! Video Rating: / 5

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  • ooo C 4 years ago

    Lene Ring… I'm in north Phoenix, Im not a professional gardener AND, I have some peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, cilantro, carrots plus, I grow a lot more stuff in the Spring. All rather quickly learned by trial and error. I have to tell you, even when I didn't succeeded at getting any vegetables, the reward of getting my hands dirty and maybe one or two tomatoes here and there have always been enough from day one :-)?

  • Saria's Knit 'n Crochet 4 years ago

    where do you get your seeds?

  • Lene Ring 4 years ago

    Love,love,love your garden.

  • MOvegangal 4 years ago

    Amazing garden! Going to subscribe, thanks!

  • thehomefarmer066 4 years ago

    what time of year you can reap the most out of your garden?:-)

  • inspirationalwords77 4 years ago

    My daughter just moved to Phoenix in June. We are thinking of moving out there someday. I was wondering do you ever see any rattlesnakes or other poisonous snakes in your garden?

  • Noor Sharma 4 years ago

    how do u keep bugs away

  • Harley Rider 4 years ago

    Fro Tucson: Looks really good. I wish I had some beds. Nice garden.

  • Ebony Lopez 4 years ago

    i have to say i love this garden so envious men, keep up the good work i guess you dont have to spend a dime in vegies on thge market. awsome.

  • toyger77 4 years ago

    greetings from Tucson. you are a badass.

  • glenniesan 4 years ago

    This is my second year trying to get a garden going for me and my wife in Palm Desert, CA. Your garden is absolutely amazing! Well done.

  • wheelori814 4 years ago

    nice garden. no way i could keep rabbits and ground squirels out of my garden! out of 11 squash plants of 3 variety, i got like 3 or 4 fruits off of them and well, the rabbits and squirrels had an organic feast!

  • RandomHelena 4 years ago

    Amazing garden….love…love…love it!

  • vidaripollen 4 years ago

    show some of the ants in your garden pl.

  • KarmaGoods 4 years ago

    @4GreenEarth2 We have 6 citrus trees and a pomegranate tree on the other side of my house. I'd love to keep adding to that though. I save seeds from quite a few of my vegetables and am trying to do more and more of it. Squash, tomatoes, okra etc are the easy ones. Brassicas aren't because I grow so many different varieties and there's cross-pollination possibilities. Next year I will isolate and grow out one variety to save the seeds. The year after, I'll try another and so on.

  • 4GreenEarth2 4 years ago

    So much greens, but I don't see any fruit trees. Great garden and I love that you kept some of the edible weeds. Do you save your seeds?

  • KarmaGoods 4 years ago

    @sumip90x Thanks!!

    @Jonehughes3384 Thanks Jon! I've been lazy about uploading what I've filmed! Btw, I just planted my bed of potatoes using your method after watching your video.

  • sumip90x . 4 years ago

    Awesome Garden!!!

  • Jon Hughes 4 years ago

    Awesome man….good job Brother, it's about time you did an update, don't be such a stranger 😉
    C-Ya in the garden….web