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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote With much of the Northeast gripped by snow and ice storms, the Southwest is riding a record heat wave that sent people to beaches and golf courses in droves Friday. People in Phoenix were sunning themselves in 80-degree weather, with forecasters predicting more of the same through the weekend. It’s known for warm weather, but the National Weather Service said the temperatures are uncharacteristically hot for this time of year. The heat is the result of a high-pressure system off the coast of Southern California. In the Phoenix, the many Midwestern retirees and visitors who flock to the desert each winter were thrilled about the 80-degree days _ and not being in the miserable cold back home. Frigid cold has paralyzed the East Coast and left more than 1 million homes in the South without power. At least 21 deaths have been blamed on the treacherous weather, including that of pregnant woman struck by a mini-snowplow in a New York City parking lot. In the Southwest, the weather service says several cities in Arizona may break February records during the President’s Day weekend. Phoenix is expected to reach 87 on Saturday and 85 on Sunday. Both would be new highs for those dates. In Tucson, the mercury is expected to hit 89. In southwest Arizona, Yuma is expected to reach 90 Friday and 91 on Saturday. The National Weather Service predicted a general cooling of Southern California temperatures by Saturday. Meanwhile, locals and visitors have been taking advantage of the weather around metropolitan Phoenix. Norman Lansden, Jr., 62, originally from St. Louis, spent the day golfing out at Encanto Golf Course in Phoenix. “It’s 80 degrees here. I can walk around in short sleeves and even short pants if […]

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