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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Amber Vanhecke tells “GMA” the survival skills she used while being trapped alone in an Arizona desert for five days.


  • mquiroz90 1 month ago

    She looks beautiful glad she's fine forget the negative comments

  • mquiroz90 1 month ago

    Being lost in the middle of f**kin nowhere isn't a good day to start a road trip gps trackers aren't perfectly correct

  • Andii Rejino 1 month ago

    her tits are what I'm really looking at. big titties fixing to fall out

  • Money guy 1 month ago

    Don't go to the grand canyon, stay home

  • NoRINO212 1 month ago

    Ran out of gas? I stop watching mainstream channels long time ago, is this fake news or click bait?

  • KJS1444 1 month ago

    I'm glad you are safe!-

  • Michi Cyrill 1 month ago

    She did everything right EXEPT having enough gas^^

  • Griselda Flores 1 month ago

    I need the phone she was using!

  • Jack Manne 1 month ago

    She has big tits

  • Chuck Fina 1 month ago

    You should've been more creative, bitch. There's already the amputee guy.

  • c. lince 1 month ago

    do not go alone for hiking

  • ron lyson 1 month ago

    wow internet and tv full of survival techniques with do's and don'ts to survive and this college student missed even watching one. but from girl scouts she remembered hoarding food from the scout master, bet she is studying how to work for Wal-Mart as her Bachelors degree.

  • Matthew Walton 1 month ago

    Anyone else notice the idiots waving in the background at 3:11?

  • atube4view 1 month ago


  • don7777s 1 month ago

    She did everything wrong and only got lucky her fat ass packed a bunch of snacks

  • Hebstrixx 1 month ago

    I live on the east coast and have always wanted to drive west across the country, but I'm scared of things like this happening. It sounds dumb to run out of gas in the middle of the desert, but I guess she didn't realize that she was going so far out of the way when she took that wrong turn. That road she was on sure as hell was out in the middle of nowhere…looked like there was nothing around for miles. Must have been really creepy and super dark at night.

  • Prince Benedict 1 month ago

    Desert Queen

  • cockymusclesucks 1 month ago

    she's back to sightseeing?

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