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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote This amazing versatile seaweed makes is an awesome gel thickener for desserts, while also boosting your skin and hair with collagen. Seaweeds are really high in minerals, protein, iodine and this one in particular helps plump up your skin and food. This is the real stuff, and it’s good for you, unlike Carrageenan, which is a commercial thickener made from this plant, but is processed and inflammatory. Don’t use Irish Moss powder or flakes because it’s been cooked dry in an oven and doesn’t have the great qualities anymore that this fresh stuff does. Not only can you make beautiful desserts with this, but your skin, hair and thyroid will thank you. You can eat it and also make a mask for your face. No boiling needed, just blend and refrigerate. Our Raw Vegan Health Cookbook: Facebook: Videos and articles: Instagram: Markus Rothkranz website: Markus Products: Markus Products: German website:


  • Marie Falk 2 years ago

    what can one use instead of irish moss..cant eat  it because of the iodine

  • Bonsai Libre 2 years ago

    I'll put that on my get list.

  • S Charles 2 years ago

    1:43 So dont buy the $700 serum? Im in.

  • Dielle 2 years ago

    I've switched to raw foods and I want to eat kelp mixed with my foods as well.
    I buy my kelp dried and I have no idea how to prepare it in a way that I can still have it uncooked.
    Is there any way to soak kelp that'll soften it up and rehydrate it to the point of being edible?

  • Andrea Kyriacou 2 years ago

    I have Hashimotos and have read that I should not have iodine, does this mean that I cannot eat Irish Moss?

  • Ann Berger 2 years ago

    Markus and Cara…….I came across your YouTube videos this week….I am SO impressed! Making positive changes is where I'm at and to have resources like what you have made available is outstanding. I just downloaded Heal Yourself 101, thank you so much for providing a labor of love like this for free, God Bless! Ann Berger

  • Cathy Baby 2 years ago


  • I LOVegans en Español 2 years ago

    Marcus, on your website there is a note that reads: "not intended for infants or pets".
    is Iris Moss poisonous for cats? Does any one know? Thank you!

  • SimonaLyne Enderz 2 years ago

    I had my gall bladder removed at 23, gained weight,and became diabetic. I've been fighting ever since. Finally something to aid my body! Irish Moss! TY!

  • Naturally Gifted 2 years ago

    I am mad I went to his sight and It said item not found

  • Jenny Ruiz 2 years ago

    What's the shelf life once is blended. I have some fridge for months :(. Hiw it supposed to look if it's bad..
    Ps I want to purchase your cook book. We need help here with a pre diabetes diagnosis.

  • Diane Winchester 2 years ago

    Hi Markus, could you please tell me how much Irish moss is allowed in the diet.  Because I heard that it contains too much and too much is bad for you.  So your guidance on this will be really appreciated.

  • RawligGarden 2 years ago

    They say that collagen in bone broth heals a leaky gut, is this moss doing the same for leaky gut or for fixing the colon in general?

  • Kai OBrien 2 years ago

    i need ideas of how to use this

  • Go Play Piano 2 years ago

    Thank you! This is so helpful!

  • Brenda Alexander 2 years ago

    potassium HEART CONTRACTIONS TOO, also fucoidan

  • Karolina 2 years ago

    How much seaweed comes in the Sea Moss package? Thanks.

  • Marie Falk 2 years ago

    can I use Irish Moss just on my face with the same good result and not eat due to the high iodine..

  • windstorm1000 2 years ago

    Markus, I love your wisdom and zany humor–great combo–no one could fall asleep in your videos–I will try collagen–thanks so much!!

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