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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] Wonderful images of cactus gardens in this video. Music: Subscribe: Follow us on: GOOGLE PLUS: PINTEREST: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Video Rating: / 5


  • Emmit Stewart 3 years ago

    beautiful video and wonderful gardens, but most of them are very well mulched.  Its called pebble or gravel mulch.  It serves all the functions of bark mulches, but doesn't harbor all the fungi that bark mulches do and it doesn't decompose and need to be replaced every year.

  • Nilüfer Mete 3 years ago

    Kaktüs müzesi gibi çok güzel,,

  • DesertRiver Last 3 years ago

    Awesome !!  What is that twisty cactus at 4:27 ???  I have never seen one of those.  I want one for my cactus garden.  Thanks.

  • Wanda Ribeiro 3 years ago

    Wonderful cactos!  Wonderful gardens!

  • zahira elhoudaigui 3 years ago


  • A Tucker 3 years ago

    Background Music ??? Thank You ! 

  • cirovideo1 3 years ago

    Complimenti per il meraviglioso giardino

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