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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Lisa LaPaso, owner of LL&D shows her space updated from the original post. A recent conversion from 75% sod to 25% sod and Xerophytic gardens using stone and creative solutions to the nuisance strip. “Like” me on facebook at Video Rating: / 5

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  • Olga King 4 years ago

    This is so beautiful, and I love all that rock, I am all for saving $$ on water bills!?

  • Lisa LaPaso 4 years ago

    Thank you! So easy, low water and very little maintenance.

  • Lisa LaPaso 4 years ago

    The grass in my yard is not one I recommend, I only left it to show how having a small? intentional lawn can be very effective. There are far more hardy varieties for our area and I would prefer to have had those, but this is what I inherited from the builder.

  • marisolakashortstuff 4 years ago

    And what kind of grass are you using and how is it with water?

  • marisolakashortstuff 4 years ago

    OMG your bed is sooo beautifulllllll!!!!!!!!!!
    Well all is beautiful!!!

  • Lisa LaPaso 4 years ago

    Hi Kristi, you can contact me at and I have done several long distance designs so feel free to contact me!

  • Kristi Hutson 4 years ago

    Lisa do u have an email address? I wanted to ask u a landscape question. I did not know if you could design a garden long distance. We are in shreveport let me lnow!

  • Lisa LaPaso 4 years ago

    Thank You Gigi! Learning is half the fun!