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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Sun Valley, Idaho landscape ecologist Kelly Weston likes to make clear native landscapes don’t have to be messy. “I have native landscapes that are highly structured next to very contemporary houses”. Working in the resort town area of Sun Valley, Idaho (with homes of the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore), Weston has to compete with a golf-course aesthetic, but tighter water restrictions in the area has helped business. Weston also assures that once a native yard has matured- usually within 3 or 4 years- it not only using dramatically less water, but requires much less maintenance than a turf landscape. Here he shows us a LEED-certified landscape (next to a LEED home) in Ketchum, Idaho where annual rainfall is about 15 inches per year. Original story here:


  • Garden Sheds Kent 4 years ago

    These native plants offers a big contribution to our environment. I therefore conclude that selecting these variety of plants are such a perfect decision. As for me, I would rather prefer to add these native plants in landscaping for it really helps in conserving one of our natural resources. Nice information! 

  • grahamc87 4 years ago

    I love how the huge Escalade ESV drives by at 3:20.. 🙁

  • Kirsten Dirksen 4 years ago

    @GreedIsYourGod This home was a spec house and when I shot the video it was still up for sale. So the plants they have there make sense as they're low-maintenance and since no one was living in the home, there was no one to feed. Though you're right about it making sense to grow edible plants. I have another video series with a woman from Cloverdale, CA who tore up her front yard (grass) to plant veggies. (See videos "You can't eat grass").

  • an00115 4 years ago

    @GreedIsYourGod Perhaps the owner didn't want to do a lot of maintenance in their yard. Plus planting native plants allows got insects and fungus and other critters to thrive in the yard.

  • Joy Buslaff 4 years ago

    Some ecological landscaping projects are successful. Some video productions are successful. It is the happy and rare thing that both would be offered so professionally. Thank you for sharing a useful and inspiring 9-1/2 minutes. ~ Joy B

  • not the drones again 4 years ago

    nice job!

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